Monday, September 27, 2010

~ Monday Musings ~

Girlfriends of the Fountain
As a Christian woman, there are a few things that I can't live without: Time with God, reading the Word, praying and attending church on Sundays. These are keys to my life as a Christian. Just as I need food, water, fresh air, rest and sunlight to survive as a human being, I need these things in order to survive as a follower of Jesus Christ.
However, there are a few more things that I have discovered I can't live without, as a Christian woman:
1. Women's Conferences: I need these as much as my family needs an annual vacation. It is a time where I can come before the Lord, bare my heart to Him, pour myself out at His feet and be renewed and refreshed in the Spirit. I had such an anointed time with Him this weekend, as I attended our annual conference. God spoke new things to me. He brought teaching that I needed to hear. He confirmed the things He'd been telling me for months now. God showed up in a life-changing way this weekend. I would not survive the next year without the anointing I gained this weekend.
2. Bible Studies: Getting in the Word of God in my personal quiet time is wonderful. God speaks to me and reveals Himself through the Scriptures. I find fresh manna, new life in words that never grow old. However, when I attend a women's Bible study or Sunday School at church, I learn so much more about His word. I hear it from others' perspectives. More light shines and more Word opens to my heart. This is a place for me to get even deeper in the water of the Word of God.
3.  Girlfriends: I married my best friend. He's a strong man of God who loves Jesus and me and our children with all of his heart. He is like a sponge filled with the Word of God that pours out if squeezed. I love him dearly. However, I have found that girlfriends are also a precious gift from God. As a woman, I need other women that I can share my heart and my life with. I need other women that I can emote with, go deep with and laugh or cry with. Women are relational creatures; it's how God designed us. We need each other just as much as we need our husbands, fathers and brothers. Granted, we will only have a handful of close, intimate friends who we can spill out our hearts with. We are also blessed with girlfriends that we can get together with for fellowship, girls' night out, a weekend retreat or a shopping spree. The wonderful blessing of having Christian girlfriends is that usually they become more than just friends. They become family. Sisters in Christ. And we share a love for one another that is a rare thing in today's society. This is what I am thankful for today. The love of my sisters in Christ, my Girlfriends.
I remembered how to play with my friends this weekend. It's something I have needed to do for a very long time now. We laughed. We goofed off like we were sixteen again. We didn't care what anyone else thought of us on the beach that day. We only knew that we are still young at heart, no matter how many kids we have or what stage of life we're in. I hope you can laugh with us as we were laughing in the photograph below. God bless you this week. Hug your girlfriends and tell them how much you love sharing your life with them!
Carla, Miss Charlotte & Me
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  1. I am also learning that we women need the friendships of other women.

  2. Those are pretty much all things I do not have...I trust God has a purpose in it.

    I do have a few friends, they are just far away, so times of fellowship are few and far between.

    Glad that you can enjoy yours! God bless!


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