Tuesday, September 28, 2010

~Tuesday Tips~

The kids are back to school. Having four of them makes for a load of paperwork and signatures and shoes and backpacks and homework and all of the other crazy stuff that a year of education brings with it. How does one keep the masses in order? I have read several articles as magazines highlight the back-to-school season and this is what I've found to work for our home:

1. Keep the backpacks lined up near the door. As homework is completed and agendas are signed, the bags are zipped, signifying that all is complete and ready to return to school tomorrow.

2. As soon as the kids are finished with snack, homework is completed. This prevents any "I-need-to-finish-my-math" five minutes before bedtime excuses. We also wait until everyone is finished before the television is allowed to come on. This prevents the distractions from interrupting homework time.

3. As I pull papers from their take-home folders, I toss copies. I sign what needs to be signed and returned and place them back into their folders. If it is something that I need to keep for future reference, I file it or hang it.

4. I have a file system with a folder for each child. In that file I have copies of birth certificates, shot records and other documents that schools need for registration. I also keep copies of their interim reports, report cards, etc. in these files. Since my husband's job requires us to move every couple of years, this helps me have everything at my fingertips for new schools.

5. I have a clip system on my refrigerator door. As individualized classroom information comes home, such as upcoming field trips or picture days or things of that nature, I clip them to each child's magnetic clip. I have a separate clip for the school calendar and any other general papers that are temporary, such as monthly newsletters. Once a month, I clean the clips out, throwing away old materials. 

What are some useful tips you have about keeping school items organized? Feel free to share your ideas in the comments! 

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