Thursday, September 30, 2010

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Ten Parenting/Marriage Books I Keep On My Shelf At All Times
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This book is extremely valuable in understanding how to communicate what your spouse needs. (Men need respect. Women need love.) I would recommend giving this book as a wedding gift to every couple getting married. It's that good.
Boundaries are extremely important to understand. A boundary is where you end and another person begins. If people don't understand boundaries, they feel free to walk all over whoever they wish. They don't necessarily realize that they are stepping on someone else's toes. It's very important to teach children boundaries when they are young so that they can be considerate and mature adults. There is also a general Boundaries book for individuals.
Mr. Chapman has also written The Five Love Languages of Children and The Five Love Languages of Teenagers. My husband and I used this book in our home group (cell group) one year. It got everyone's attention and encouraged some really great discussions. The book focuses on how we receive love and affection and how we tend to give love and affection. Since everyone has their own way of receiving love, it's important to know how to speak their love language. You can try to speak your own to them but don't be surprised when they don't receive it as you'd have liked.
This is a must-have if you are a mom trying to raise boys. I've gotten more out of this book when it comes to why my boys behave the way they do than any other book on raising boys I've ever read. It is a wealth of information ranging from their physical make-up to child development to everyday stories of boys being boys. HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT.
Dr. Dobson is still one of my favorite parenting "experts" to turn to when raising my children. I think next week I'll post the Ten Books on Parenting/Marriage I Wish I Had on My Shelf... There are a few he's authored that I still desire to obtain for my collection. I enjoyed reading Bringing Up Boys and Bringing Up Girls is at the top of my list of next books to buy (since it recently released...).
I wish I'd found this book earlier. It is a great resource for figuring out exactly what a child's heart needs vs. typical parenting and discipline strategies. I can tell you this: I need to read it again. And probably again after that. It's that good. And I need a few reminders...
I was extremely grateful when a friend of mine, who's finishing up her counseling degree, told me about this book. I'd had Personality Plus on my shelves since before I was married. Personality Plus for Parents gave me a better understanding of my sons' and my daughter's personalities and how they affect what goes on in our home and our relationships. There are pointers with each personality type that will assist parents with applying the kids' strengths and helping them to overcome their weaknesses.
I wish this book had been written ten years ago!!! I have already helped raise my step-son and we've sent him on to college. The content in this book is most of what I felt and dealt with on a daily basis for the ten years that I was in the position of step-mom in my home. I'd received a generous amount of council and advice from people who never experienced being a step-mom and not all of it was as wise as others thought. This book reinforced a lot of what I attempted to work through. I am grateful for it now and wish I'd had it then! If you are a mother or a father who has a wife or husband who is in a step-parenting role, this is a MUST READ for you, too! Spouses desperately need to come to an understanding of these roles in their households. No one can do it alone. (The authors have also written The Smart Stepfamily and, coming soon, The Smart Stepdad.) 
We made the decision before our first son was born that I would stay home and raise our family. At the time, we were both in agreement on this matter. Since that glorious day that I was able to leave the career world behind and begin my life as "Mom", we've had our moments of wondering if it was such a good idea. I have never wavered in my desire to be home with and for my kids. My husband has had occasional moments of wanting more income in our household budget. Sometimes I'd like to share this book with him. But for the most part, it's been a great journey in life. I wouldn't trade it for anything. Any stay-at-home mom should read this book. It's encouraging to know that we are not alone! 
10. Okay, so I ran out...but what book is the most important book on marriage and parenting of all?  The Bible... My bookshelf will never be without it.  

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