Friday, September 24, 2010

~ Family Friday ~

This weekend is our Women's Conference. I'm spending it in a villa on the beach with new friends. Friday is too far away, even though it is only tomorrow.

You would think that a weekend is a year to my children. Tuesday, when they overheard me talking about my weekend away with another conferee, three of them began to tell me they didn't want me to go. My daughter heaved the biggest sigh she could muster and said, "The beeeaaach?" If she could stow away in my suitcase, I'm certain she would. 

Why is it that when Mom leaves for a weekend away, it's all tears and "Don't go"-s? Yet, when Dad goes away for a weekend, it isn't until Saturday night the questions concerning his return begin. I wonder if I am the security blanket of the family...

Regardless of little sobs and big tears, moms need that occasional weekend retreat. It's a place to unwind, be refreshed by the Word of God and recharge your spirit. 

I understand the difficulty of leaving the family behind for a weekend. The house is usually dirtier upon your return than when you left. You wonder if your dear husband is going to remember that your daughter is supposed to sing at the Fall Festival the school is having this weekend. You hope that the disagreement you just had with him while trying to get packed is put behind you both. Will the youngest be okay without you?

I find that after a weekend with the girls, God and good times I am ready to take on the world of my home again. My patience lasts a little longer. My joy remains even while others are whining. The piles of dishes and laundry aren't so daunting. I have more energy and tasks don't make me tired just thinking about them. Mommies need a break. This mom isn't afraid to take one...

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