Friday, January 3, 2014

Friday {in focus} ~ Adventure, Not Ease

Mary DeMuth's words ring true whether we're looking at our own lives 
and walk with God or we're writing our characters' lives and walks with God.

No one wants to read about the guy who sits on his couch all day and does nothing.
Unless we give him such a bad cramp in his backside that he must get up and work.
Change his habit.

No one wants to read about the girl who goes through the same routine day in and day out.
Unless we give her a new assignment that will knock her out of her comfort zone.
Shock her.
{Think Never Been Kissed}

No one wants to read about the complaints of a pessimist.
Unless we pair them with an optimist.
Challenge their point of view.

Put yourself and your characters on a mountain top with a new and unique view this year.
Look at the world from a different perspective.
Take note.
After all, God created us for adventure, not ease.
That's why we all have that deep desire and urge to do something beyond our wildest dreams.

We just need to get off the couch, try something new, and leave our fears behind.

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