Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 in Review ~ What Have You Accomplished?

Recently an author friend of mine posted on her Facebook timeline, asking her followers to consider what they've accomplished in 2013.

Oftentimes, we look at our year and pull out the negative, difficulties, trials, tribulations, mistakes, and failures. Then we make resolutions to be positive, give ourselves a break, find the joy in our trials and tribulations, make fewer/different/or no mistakes, and succeed in some area of our lives. And by mid-January, we've broken our fast, given up, or failed again and decided the heck with it all.

So when my author friend asked for a list of things we accomplished in 2013, I began to look back for all of God's blessings, favor, miracles, and provision throughout the past year. I looked for things that brought me joy, peace, and melted my heart.

Here's what I came up with:

1. I succeeded at being a lot more "in the moment" in daily living, especially with my children. Parenting is the one thing I struggle with on a daily basis. Have I done enough? Have I been enough for my children? Have I encouraged them or have I spent the day yelling about everything they've done wrong? Did I stop working long enough to make eye contact and answer that question? I may not have accomplished this every time, and I may have regretted a thing or two I'd said, but overall, I did much better focusing on my kids this year than I have in years past.

2. God taught me about Epic Grace and making Jesus my Everything ("Everything" was my one word for 2013).

3. I taught for the first time at a writers conference. Thank you, CLASS writers conference attendees for making my first teaching experience a joyful and encouraging one!

4. I was on a panel for the first time in my life. Another moment at the CLASS writers conference.

5. I wrote my first novel ... and finished it! Writing THE END for the first time is a surreal experience. It shocked me that I had an entire book/story in me. Be on the lookout. Working title is Secret Identity.

6. I am so excited to say that I have an agent to represent my writing, as well. Jonathan Clements, you rock! Thank you for taking me on and believing in me.

7.  I moved three times in 12 months. And not just across the street or around the corner. Two moves were across the country. One to New Mexico. One back to the East Coast. The third is almost here ... in January, we'll be heading to South Carolina again.

8. God blessed my editing business and revealed to me that I have a call to be an encourager. I'm thankful for that gift, as it brings me great joy to see others find hope or discover an idea within themselves as God reveals what they need to me.

9. God provided every cent my family needed to do what we needed to do this year.

10. I was published in two different compilations/devotionals: God's Provision in Tough Times and Refreshing Wind.

11. God answered many prayers for healing, blessing, and my personal request to be able to live close to one of my very best friends and my writing mentor, who is also a dear friend.

12. God healed my father from Kidney cancer.

13. I had three authors that I edited win awards for their writing, which I edited. I had a fourth author hit #1 in a category on amazon for her novel that I edited. God has an amazing way of showing us that we are able to do what He has called us to do. I felt like a proud mama hen showing off her chicks. Go Pastor Chip, Cyle, Judy, and Elaine! Whoot!

So, there's my list of thirteen things I've accomplished or God has done in my 2013. I'd love to hear about yours. Either list them in a comment below, or share your link to your blog post about them. Let's find encouragement together in knowing God is for us! Here's to a blessed 2014!


  1. AWESOME, Alycia! And, God is so faithful through it all!

  2. I'll give you one of my accomplishments for 2013. I found an amazing editor. You! Thanks for all you've done for me!


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