Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Book Review ~ Singularity by Steven James

You'll hold your breath through the pages of Steven James' latest thriller in the Jevin Banks series, Singularity.

I was hesitant to read Singularity, because the first book in the series, Placebo, was a little heady for me and not as fast-paced a read as I'd hoped for. Not so with this one. From page one James had me hooked, holding my breath along with his characters (escape artists), and flipping pages. Throughout the novel I waited for the bad guy to cross paths with the good guy and for Jevin to have to escape a situation he may not get out of alive. This is definitely an edge-of-your-seat read.

My biggest concern with Placebo was the amount of information Steven James shared, which continually pulled me from my fictional dream and slowed the read. In this novel, when James must share information to let the reader in on the magician's ability to deceive his audience or to show us exactly what that robotic equipment is capable of doing, it didn't come across as an info dump or snap me out of my fictional dream.

I think he's found his groove and cannot wait for the next novel in the Jevin Banks series to release.

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