Saturday, July 6, 2013

Stepping Back from THE END

This week I accomplished something. I wrote THE END on the rough draft of my first {complete} novel.

It's taken three years to write THE END. I've had multiple ideas for novels. I've written the start of several. I've even nearly finished another. But, until this week, I've never made it to THE END.

And now I'm stepping back for a few days to enjoy the moment. I'm leaving my characters and plot lines and dialogue and taking a mini-vacation from Storyworld.

My characters don't like it. They're whispering lines while I watch my children do flips into the pool. They're telling me I need to strengthen them as I watch 4th of July fireworks. They're asking me to come home and get back to work, because they want the world to hear them laugh and cry.

From what I've learned, it's important to take a break from Storyworld before entering into the work of rewriting and editing. It's important to put some space between myself and my characters, as this will spark creativity as I hit the keyboard with my butt in my chair once again. My mind needs a creative rest.

So I trust those who've gone before and take a breather. I do a puzzle. I laugh with my real kids. I enjoy time with my hubby and go out to watch someone else's creative genius.

Then, next week I will return to Storyworld with new ideas and deeper thoughts to bring out the best in my story. Hopefully it'll become something readers will want to share with their friends. Hopefully my characters will woo readers into their world. Hopefully someone will identify with the heart of the story, and maybe it'll influence a life.

Until then, I'll step back and enjoy the fact that I finally wrote THE END.

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  1. Congratulations on reaching "The End" !

  2. Thanks ladies! Now it's time to rewrite and edit. :) Pray for me!


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