Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Countdown to Christmas - Day 14

"But Mary kept all these things and pondered them in her heart."
- Luke 2: 19

This is one of my favorite verses. As a mother, I can relate. So often, words are spoken over our lives, our loved ones, or our children. Every time this occurs, I tuck a piece of paper into a folder labeled "Prophecies." These are close reminders of what God has in store for us, what He has called us to do, and how much He loves us. 

What do you do with the words that are spoken into your life by the Lord? Sometimes they come through reading the scriptures, where one pops out and grabs your attention. Other times, they come through the voice of your spouse (and sometimes we don't like hearing those words, but we know the truth behind them). Sometimes they come from a good friend, iron sharpening iron. Other times, a man or woman of God will visit your church and bring a word from the Lord for the body of Christ or the individuals that make up that body. Whatever avenue God uses, be like Mary. Ponder them in your heart. Allow God to stir up your spirit man. His word never comes back void. 

Lord, thank You for caring about me enough to provide Your words of truth in my life. No matter who speaks them, may I always be receptive. And, may I always remember to think upon them as I go about my daily duties. 

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