Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Getting to Know You - Week Three

Okay, honesty time here. We all have things that frustrate us, right? No matter how hard we try not to let them, these things just crawl right up under our skin and spread like the itchy poison of a mosquito bite. Or maybe the painful sting of a bee.

Life has frustrated me quite often in recent months. I've made mistakes. I've read books that have challenged me in my spiritual walk. I'm in certain circumstances that aren't comfortable and are rather draining. It's a tough season, this fall. Things are dying off and falling to the ground while others want to hibernate. Although the hope of spring is around two more corners, I must face the frozen winter first.

So, for today, let's be real and discuss what frustrates us the most. Not to have a pity party or to whine and complain. But to admit that we are human and there are things that bother us. To relate. To know that we are not alone in this walk of life. Again, not to have a pity party or to whine and complain. Just to say it and get it off our chests.

Here's what frustrates me:
  1. Pouring out and pouring out and pouring out and lacking the time or energy to refill.
  2. Knowing that I've taught and encouraged my kids for so long only to be repeating the lesson again.
  3. Driving in NYC.
  4. When the dog jumps up on me and his nail catches my cheek.
  5. Dirty clothes and dishes not finding their way to the laundry basket or the kitchen sink when I have a laundry list of things to do (Am I a maid?). 
  6. When I can't find the television remote.
  7. When people whine and complain all day but have everything they need in life.
  8. Nails on a chalkboard, chomping gum, fingers across a window, and other annoying noises.
  9. When I can't keep up with a mess because I'm short on time. (I hate having a messy environment. I'm a neat freak to the core.)
  10. My inability to do certain things or to change certain things about my inner being. (Paul talks about this: doing the things I don't will to do while not doing the things I will to do.)
So, let's hear it. What frustrates you and makes you want to run to a mountaintop and scream at the top of your lungs?  


  1. My best friend fighting leukemia at a hospital two and a half hours from home....

    1. Dear Sweet Jesus, I pray for peace for Jennifer and her friend and her friend's family as she fights this courageous and not-so-glamorous battle. Lord, I pray that You would go before her and fight for her. Bring comfort where there is pain. Bring joyous memories where there is sorrow. Bring beauty from the ashes, Lord. Be with Jennifer. Help her to encourage her friend despite the distance between them. Give her peace where she feels anxiety. Be her comfort in the midst of this storm. Lord, I lift Jennifer up to you now as well as her friend. In Jesus' name we ask these things and seek Your healing touch. Amen.

      Jennifer - I can relate to what you are feeling. We spent several months traveling back and forth for three hours each way while my mother-in-law fought her own battle with leukemia. Jesus healed her by taking her home in Feb. of 2001. We miss her, and it is a very frustrating battle.


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