Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Photographic Journal

Have you ever experienced a moment when you've got so much going on in your thoughts that you can't single out one thing to share? That would be me this day. I wanted to share more from what God's showing me lately, but I can't stop thinking long enough to write a brief post. So, while I work that out in my mind and my heart, I'll share a brief photographic journal of my recent trip to New York. I pray you are blessed by something you see!

First stop: Canisteo, NY, home of the Living Sign.

I walked the kids to the elementary school so they could see the sign made from pine trees.

My mom grew up in Canisteo, and I spent my early elementary years at CCS.

The kids enjoyed the playground... And we returned to Great-Grandma's for some ice cream! While in Canisteo, we attended the annual Vance family reunion. 

Second Stop - Margaretville/Roxbury/Grand Gorge, NY
Dad and Mom celebrated their 40th Wedding Anniversary on June 20, 2011. We had a little celebration for them on July 12th.

Rebecca and Hannah are only 5 months apart in age. Since we don't ever get to celebrate together, we decided to throw a joint birthday bash while we visited. That made for two very happy girls! Here, they get ready to open Grandma's presents to them.

One of our favorite things about visiting NY is the opportunity to see big brother, Zachary. Spitting image of his dad, don't you think?

Our final weekend in NY included celebrating 20 years and 1,000 Sundays with Pastor Robert and Nancy Engelhardt at Catskill Mountain Christian Center. We attended a full-blown ball, entitled "A Night to Remember." Remembering all God has done and the evening itself brought us great joy.

On Sunday, July 24th, Catskill Mountain Christian Center continued its celebration with Sunday service. Families from various communities brought large rocks to church. Those rocks will be built into a memorial fountain as a memorial unto the Lord as to what He's done in the lives of the members of CMCC and in the church over the past 20 years.

In this photo: Apostle/Pastor Robert Engelhardt, Nancy Engelhardt, Victor and Alycia Morales, Jeanne Malaxos, Gina Barto, Elder Randall Johnson, and Elder Renard Barto
As part of the memorial celebration, Victor and I were ordained as ministers of the gospel. We don't take this lightly. It's a very humbling experience. Together Ministries loves to encourage covenant relationships. Our focus is marriage ministry and blended family ministry. We love to encourage men and women of God!
We are ordained by FaithConnect Apostolic Council 

Upon leaving New York to return to South Carolina, 
I snapped a few shots of the Schoharie Valley
Here's one for you to enjoy:

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