Monday, August 8, 2011

Share the Wealth Week

The Lord has taken my week and turned it upside down. Do you have those kinds of weeks? Where life changes so quickly you can't blink or you'll miss an important detail? Of course, most of the time it doesn't happen overnight. It builds up like a snowball rolling down a hill. 

A small flake falls first. The snow piles up. Someone comes along and shapes some of it into a little ball. Then they send it rolling downhill, and it builds and builds and builds until bloosh it hits a tree and falls apart all over the place.

Life is like that on occasion: A small event occurs. Another event builds upon that small event. Then someone comes along and changes things, setting something else in motion. They send it rolling along, and God builds and builds and builds on that thing. Then, it hits up against something and suddenly, life is all over the place. Many things are happening from that one.

It's a good thing, not bad. It teaches us patience, gives us hope for the future, helps us practice running the race, keeping our eyes on the goal. It encourages us to seek God's face each day, trusting fully in Him and not on the circumstances surrounding us. And we enjoy the benefits in the end.

I love living life with Jesus. There's never a dull moment!

And since this week is one of those weeks where life is happening in abundance, I would like to share the wealth of some of my favorite blogs with you. These are either previous posts of mine or posts on other friends I follow. I hope you find gold in each of them as I share from my treasure box!

Thanks for reading, and I'll be back next week, blogging my heart out! Your prayers are coveted.

Photo Courtesy of Yarik Mishin

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