Monday, August 1, 2011

Book Review - Book of Days by James L. Rubart

There are some authors whose novels are so precious to me, I'd cry if someone were to remove them from my shelf...

James L. Rubart is one of those authors.

He ran to the top of my favorite authors list this week. After reading both Rooms and Book of Days, I find myself astounded by his story-telling. His descriptions inspire me. I enjoy phrases like “something about you crumbled his Oreos” on nearly every page. His wordsmithing is refreshing, like ice cold sweet tea on a hot summer’s day.

Both novels are deep, searching, and thought-provoking. They challenge a believer to reflect on their faith, to look for a deeper relationship with God. And for the unbeliever or the doubter, Mr. Rubart writes in such a way that one can relate to his characters’ stories without preaching a sermon to them.

In Book of Days, we meet Cameron Vaux. Cameron already lost his wife and his father, and now he thinks he’s losing his mind. Afraid of what that may mean, he decides it’s time to go on a journey to look for some answers. His wife and father asked him to search out an ancient book upon their deathbeds. Either they were both crazy, or the book is real. Will Cameron be able to find it before he forgets them altogether?

James Rubart weaves an intriguing tale of Cameron’s search for the Book of Days. Filled with obstacles and characters who don’t want to reveal secrets hidden for decades, Cameron faces many challenges during his quest. Several secrets remain untold until Cameron nears the end of his journey. Filled with gripping suspense peppered with subtle hints, one will not find closure until the final chapters.

This is one of the first books I’ve read where I’ve been tempted to skip ahead a bit in search of answers to the questions each chapter brings.

I also enjoyed the movie and music references throughout the story. Being a lover of both, they assisted in my ability to relate to the characters.

A perfectly engaging read, I highly recommend Book of Days. I enjoyed every second of reading it. I’d also encourage you to pick up a copy of Rooms. Mr. Rubart will not disappoint. 

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  1. ARe you kidding? The first book you wanted to skip ahead. I'm guilty of ALWAYS reading the ending before I reach it! Working on patience! Hope your summer has been great.


  2. Massive thanks, Alycia.

    Thrilled you like them and that they've pulled you closer to Jesus.



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