Thursday, July 21, 2011

On Vacation

I apologize for the lack of posts these past two weeks. I've been "on vacation." 

It isn't really a vacation I'm on. I'm not sitting in an Adirondack chair on the back deck of a mountain cabin overlooking the vista. 

Instead, I'm sitting on my sister's couch, sipping coffee while checking for important emails and updating my facebook status, counting down the minutes until my husband's plane will land and I can hug him for the first time in two weeks.

We will be attending a ball tomorrow night, honoring the twenty years and 1,000 Sundays our beloved pastor has been at CMCC. I will be wearing a gorgeous floor-length red gown while my husband sports a tux for the first time since our wedding day, almost fourteen years ago.

Sunday, our itinerant ministry, Together Ministries, will be ceremoniously ordained (we've been ordained under for a year or so, but this will serve as our official ceremony). We can't put to words how tremendously honored we are to become an official ministry.

So, although we aren't "officially" on vacation, we have many exciting things going on, requiring us to be away from home and everyday life. So, if my posting seems sparse over the next few days, please forgive me and know that I will return to regular posts next week.

And maybe I'll get to go on a "normal" vacation this fall! That will be nice!

Photo Courtesy of Horton Group


  1. Who needs normal when you have such a full, wonderful life and family??? Love having you here, even in such a crazy time!

  2. Congrats Alycia! That's an awesome blessing. I hope you have a wonderful time together.


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