Monday, August 29, 2011

In the Aftermath

Many towns in the Northeast have been inundated with flood waters from Hurricane Irene. The Catskill Mountains have suffered tremendously. My heart weighs heavy within my aching chest this afternoon as I watch photographs from my hometown appear on Facebook. Many of you may not understand what it's like to have everything wiped out from a flood/hurricane. Let me give you a tour of Margaretville, NY and its surrounding areas to provide you with a glimpse.

The blue-trimmed house is mine and Vic's. Note the large marshmallow hay bales floating toward my front porch, down Main Street. This was taken as the flood waters started rising by Sheila Spaulding.
This is my backyard after the flood. FYI - We never had a gravel pile in our backyard. And it looks like a deep one. Or tall one. Whichever it would be. I'm surprised the mud room & back stoop are still there. My dad, Warren Johnson, took this photo for me.
 Upper Main Street taken by Karen Dietrich
The waters rose to just about the second story of all of the buildings on that end of town. Several apartments, businesses, and restaurants are washed out.

This photo is taken halfway down Main Street at NBT Bank, where I worked before we started moving for Vic's career. Head Teller, Tami Rieder, took the picture. 
Main Street became a raging river.

Main Street became such a hazard that several people had to be evacuated. I'm used to seeing Pontoon boats in the southern states, but seeing them in Upstate NY is odd, to say the least. This is a regular craft, obviously, but there were photos of Pontoon boats online.
This photo is taken by Jennifer Knapp.
James Baker took this shot of the local grocery store and CVS. Now & Then Video and a pizzeria were in the building to the left of CVS. The Delaware river is supposed to be to the right of the buildings, in its bed.
 This isn't supposed to look like this. FYI - The nearest grocery store is now at least a 30 minute drive, more likely 50 minutes from home. The parking lot in front of CVS & Freshtown is now a mountain of rock, dirt, & broken pavement. This is going to take a long time to clean up. And I thought I had a new gravel pile... Photo by David Rainbird
 CVS is washed completely through. I have at least two friends from my CMCC church family who worked here. I guess they get an unwanted vacation for awhile...devastating.
Photo by David Rainbird
Across the street (that is no more) from CVS & Freshtown, Coldwell Banker Realty has lost the entire front of its offices, as well. This is truly a mess. My favorite bagel shop is also in this building. I guess it'll be awhile before we can enjoy The Flour Patch again...
Photo by David Rainbird
A bit further out of town, the Delaware & Ulster Railroad, know to locals as the DURR, will not be running for awhile. These tracks are halfway down its route toward Roxbury. I pray they had a great summer season to help recover from the damage done by Irene.
Photo by Christy Goodell
This barn used to belong to a friend of ours' grandmother. It is now where East Hubbell Hill Road used to be. Thankfully our pastor has another route to get to his house!
Photo by Christy Goodell
It's always amazing how brilliant the sky is after a devastating storm. I guess it's a good reminder that there is still hope in spite of all the loss and hardship.
Photo by Christy Goodell
Margaretville and the surrounding areas are devastated by the recent storms. I've lived there for just under 30 years and have never witnessed anything like this. The economy was bad enough before the storm hit and left its path of destruction. I can tell you there are many experiencing hardship now. My parents live in a trailer park. Fortunately, their trailer is high and dry. Unfortunately, the entire road into the park is washed away and many of their neighbors have lost their homes and their belongings. One home in a neighboring town is washed away. Many others are severely damaged. The effects are going to be felt for a long time. Please consider helping my family and friends, neighbors and past employers. I know that our church will pull together and take a valid assessment of who needs assistance, reaching out of their doors and into the community to help. You can contact me at with any questions and your most coveted generosity. Please continue to lift the people of the communities in the Catskill Mountains of NY in your prayers.
"Be kindly affectionate to one another with brotherly love, in honor giving preference to one another;
not lagging in diligence, fervent in spirit, serving the Lord;
rejoicing in hope, patient in tribulation, continuing steadfastly in prayer;
distributing to the needs of the saints, given to hospitality...
Rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep."
~ Romans 12:10-13,15 


  1. Oh Alycia...I'm so sorry, I didn't know there was so much flooding in NY! My heart and prayers go out to those affected...your family and much destruction. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. God bless.

  2. Mom lives on Hubbell Hill Rd, in the summers, near the top of the hill. I've seen pictures (like yours) showing how there is no more connection between East HH Rd and Rt 30, but what about West HH Rd and Rt 30, where the yellow house used to be? Is that passable? In '96, the stream on that side eroded its bank right up to the edge of the road, on the twisty part near the bottom - did the erosion eat the road this time?

    Mom was not there at the time, thank God, so she's not stuck up on the hill.

  3. As far as I know (I'm in South Carolina), West Hubbell Hill is passable. My pastor lives on East Hubbell Hill, and they are still able to get to their house (obviously not up that side of the hill). So I would assume West HH is still open...?

    I hope your mom is doing well! My heart is heavy for home right now.


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