Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Book Review - She Makes It Look Easy by Marybeth Whalen

Ariel Baxter has always dreamed of living in Essex Falls. The suburbian life woos her into thinking she can have the perfect life. The perfect house. The white picket fence. The adoring husband. The well-behaved children. The perfect friends. An organized life is what she desires.

And Justine appears to have it all. But does she?

And will Ariel fall into Justine's trap? Or will she find the courage to stand for what is truly right in life?

Marybeth Whalen has written another incredible novel. I consider it to be a well-written, suspenseful-suburban-women-life read. It touches on a topic that would make most Christian women cringe but is extremely relevant in the lives of many women around us. I applaud her for the honesty of her characters and the fact that she never once sugar-coats or underplays the issue at hand. This book is a bold statement many women should not ignore.

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