Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hurricane Irene Hits Home

Photo Courtesy of David Rainbird

I interrupt this week's regular posting to bring you news that Hurricane Irene hit my hometown of Margaretville, NY hard. Many local small business owners have lost everything in their shops. Many families are without homes and belongings. It is devastating to the local community.

Although I now live in South Carolina, the impact reaches me, as well. Many of these people are near and dear to my heart. I grew up with them. I worked alongside them. I attended church with them. My heart breaks for them.

A former employer of mine (and one of my favorites), CitiHope International, is partnering with my home church, Catskill Mountain Christian Center, to bring immediate and local aid to the community and its surrounding area. Please read CitiHope's invitation to donate to the relief fund. I can tell you that they are a local humanitarian aid organization with a huge heart. They are legitimate and a safe place to make donations. Please support my hometown as they recover and rebuild after Irene's wrath.

Hurricane Irene Flood Disaster Hits Home: CitiHope's Community Devastated by Wind and Water

Andes, NY:  As flood waters began receding across upstate New York's Delaware  County and the catastrophic impact of Hurricane Irene's force was  revealed, CitiHope International's Headquarters Team waded into action with our partner organization Catskill Mountain Christian Center  to rescue and restore our very own neighborhood. As one of the hardest  hit towns in the region and home to many of our staff and their  families, Margaretville is at the center of the flooded region, and community members awoke Monday morning without a functioning community.  

The  local grocery and drug stores were destroyed; Main Street was awash  with 4 feet of rushing water; shops, banks, restaurants and schools were  turned upside down and filled with muck and mire. Numerous residences  were evacuated, leaving hundreds of men, women and children homeless  and in need of food, baby formula, diapers, medical attention and  shelter. While the full extent of losses may not be known for days, the  shock of such sudden upheaval that has begun to set in presents an  opportunity for you make a difference today. Here's how:

Your generous gift of $25, $50, $100  or more will be used to provide immediate aid to displaced persons in  affected communities throughout Delaware County. Though local, state and  federal responders are assisting the region, we will augment their  efforts in providing cleaning supplies, equipment, secure housing, food  and clothing as YOU act to share your best possible gift TODAY.

As  is our model worldwide, CitiHope is partnering with local first  responder Catskill Mountain Christian Center (CMCC) who has asked  CitiHope's COO Paul Moore II to coordinate the relief efforts. Jason Coffin, CHI's Logistics Manager,  has been on the scene as a senior Margaretville volunteer fireman since  the first drops of rain began to fall. CitiHope's entire Headquarters  Team is part of the effort providing tangible assistance and volunteer  help. Please take a moment to view this video footage of the devastation  our neighbors are facing in Margaretville: 

Now, will you consider joining us, and choose to make a generous contribution to CHI's Hurricane Relief Fund, TODAY?

CMCC  has become the control center for carrying out community assistance,  although their own facilities, including a community food program that  serves over 1,500 local families, was overrun with water and has  undergone rapid clean up and repair to return to full service. As such, CitiHope has targeted CMCC for a $2,000 grant towards the cleanup of this critically needed facility. Your GIFT of $250 or $500 could help double that amount or more, along with providing small 'restart your lives' cash grants to individual families just in the next few days.

CitiHope  International has acted as a 'compassionate connection' to the world  over the past 20 years, responding to disasters like Chernobyl, the 2004 Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina and the Haitian Earthquake. This time, the disaster has hit in our own backyard,  the place from where lifesaving medical and food aid has been sent to  thousands worldwide. Now CitiHope has suspended our global operations  temporarily to care for those living next door. As we reach out over the  coming days, please help us keep faith with those hit by Irene's stormy  blast.  

We  want our hurting neighbors here in Delaware County to know that they  matter to God, because they matter to us. Your sacrificial gift will  help us make that hopeful promise come true in the coming days.

With thanksgiving,
God's very best,
Paul S. Moore
President and CEO
CitiHope International

You may submit donations via PayPal to Thank you for your consideration!

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