Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Adultery Makes Headlines...Again

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Adultery made the headlines again. What I always wonder when I see these headlines is why the news doesn't give strong marriages the same coverage as the adulterous ones receive. Is it simply because celebrities and politicians are in the public eye, so they're more recognizable? Or is it because we, the general public, salivate over stories of other peoples' downfalls? Either answer tells a sad tale.
So I wanted to share a few things and let you in on something I'd like to do. ;)
Michael Hyatt wrote a very good post, posing the question, "What Are You Doing to Protect Your Marriage?" I admire the fact that he stood up for what is right and moral and Godly and didn't coat it with chocolate for delivery. I highly recommend checking it out.
As a result of reading his post, I'd like to add these further thoughts:
God called out "an evil and adulterous generation" in Matthew 12:39, Matthew 16:4, and Mark 8:38. My husband loves to point out that He didn't call out an evil and idolatrous generation, or an evil and perverse generation, or an evil and greedy generation. No, He called it an evil and adulterous generation. One who left their first love and sought after others to satisfy their desires. The desires that only the one you've married should be satisfying. 
Just as people leave their husband or wife to follow after another, they leave God to follow after other things, as well. We are an adulterous generation, leaving behind our First Love in order to search out others to satisfy our deepest desire for companionship. We turn to our computers, our televisions, our alcohol, our lust, our money, our (name whatever device it is that's drawn us away from God)... 
And just like a man or woman who commits adultery will blame all of their problems on the ex-spouse, we blame God or others as our reason for walking away from Him. "The woman at church offended me." "God didn't heal my wife. Instead, he allowed her to die." "God took my baby." "God didn't answer my prayer. Why should I believe He cares?" "He lets bad things happen. He isn't loving." We make excuses, not willing to live up to the fact that it's our own sin that is the issue. We blame-shift. 
We need to get back to our First Love, and we need to get back to loving each other the way God intended us to. It's time to own up!
It takes a strong man or woman to stand up and admit their error. It also takes a strong man or woman to stand up for what is right in God's eyes. I admire couples who stand firm on the foundation of marriage and work hard to keep their relationship strong and in tact. I admire men and women of God who understand the meaning of a covenant relationship. 
What I'd like to do is this: I'd like to gather stories of strong marital relationships. I'd like to hear about how God has seen a relationship through. Maybe you've been through an adulterous situation and come out with a testimony of God's restorative power. Maybe you've been married for decades and have a beautiful love story to share. Maybe you're recently married and are still in the honeymoon period of your life, but you know God is in the center of your relationship. Maybe you've witnessed someone else's marriage, and it's been a blessing to your own. Whatever your story (or someone else's) is, I'd love to hear it!
Or, if you have a tip for keeping your marriage strong, share those. And the best advice you've ever gotten concerning marriage? Let's have that, too!
For the month of June (since that is one of the biggest months for weddings), I'll share these stories and tidbits of tips on how to keep your marriage strong and avoid adultery and the ugly "D" word. Let's make June a month of celebration of Godly marriages!

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  1. Amen! I truly love this article you wrote on marraige. My husband and I have been married almost 2yrs, together 3yrs. We both have had previous marraiges both with aldulturous situations from the other spouse. We have decided in this marraige to have complete and total trust, to keep communication OPEN, even if it hurts, and to pay attention to the seniors in our lives who really have the answeres on how to keep a marraige alive for so long. There is no room in our lives for such nonsence! Life is too short and precious. Try to savor each day God gives you with your spouse, love them, spoil them, talk to them, listen to them, and always keep God in the middle of it! You will still have hills and valley's to go through, but with God in it, you will get through each one so much faster and easier. He has the answeres, listen to him together as husband and wife.
    Thanks Alicia for what you do! Your columns really hit home sometimes!
    Love you!


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