Sunday, April 3, 2011

Proverbs 3 - Have No Fear

“Do not be afraid of sudden terror,
Nor of trouble from the wicked when it comes;
For the Lord will be your confidence,
And will keep your foot from being caught.”
~Proverbs 3:25-26

I read past this Proverb several times before I came to understand what it means…

I ran. I exasperated my breath. I needed to stop and catch it. But I couldn’t. The large Doberman Pincers continued chasing me. They were close now. I had to keep running.

As I ran through the pitch blackness, I searched for an escape. None appeared. The dogs shortened the distance between us with their long-legged gait. I looked over my shoulder, hoping they’d get distracted and stop their chase.

It seemed hopeless. The lead dog gained on my heels. He could reach me now. He nipped at the back of my legs.

And then, just as he was about to bite into my heel, a large hand lifted me out of the darkness. I knew God had saved me from the wicked. And I woke up.

I back slid after giving my life to the Lord. I left home to move in with a boyfriend. He became verbally and, eventually, physically abusive.

I worked the graveyard shift at a local diner. I arrived home exhausted and desiring to lie down to sleep. After climbing into bed, I lay with my eyes open, wondering why I couldn’t drift off.

A firm, audible, fatherly voice spoke into the air. “If you don’t go home now, you’ll never see your eternal home.” I knew I’d heard the clear voice of my Father God.

I had to act quickly, or I would never return. Either my heart would grow cold to the Spirit’s guidance or I’d be the victim of someone’s rage.

God plucked me out of that situation and my sin pattern that morning, just as he’d pluck me out of the dream a year later.

We’re never in so deep that God can’t make a drastic change in our lives. All it takes is our willingness to heed His call to our heart. I left the apartment that night. I rededicated my life to Jesus, and I never looked back. This time, I determined to do it God’s way and not my own. I can only tell you that He’s done incredible things in my life since. Because I simply said, “Yes, Lord."

Photo Courtesy of Dobrzyski

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