Tuesday, November 23, 2010

~ Tuesday Tips ~

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I must confess. I hit a wall this week with my writing. My heart wants to pour out blessings and wisdom and love, but my brain is as blank as a computer screen. It may be because I'm anxious for my husband's arrival home. His original flight took off without him last night. He'd gotten caught in traffic on the thruway, just shy of his exit. He supposed it was an accident, since traffic was at a stand-still. We pray whoever was involved is uninjured, especially on a holiday week, but he had no report for me other than he was about to miss his flight. So, he's on his way home now, a day later. I am excited and can't wait to see him, which is interfering with my work...

How about some tips on holiday travel? Whether you're flying, driving, going across the country or around the block, holiday travel can be nerve wracking. I know from experience the simple act of loading the kids into the car can be stressful. 

Tip number 1: Be considerate of others. I despise myself when I become impatient on the road and realize I've been yelling under my breath at an elderly woman who can barely see the road. Maybe the person who cut you off is five hours behind schedule and trying not to miss their flight. We all have someplace to go. Count your blessings while the minutes tick by and remember it may be God slowing you down by putting that slow poke in front of you. He may be sparing you from an accident about to occur up the highway...

Tip number 2: Leave ahead of time. Pack the night before so you can get started first thing in the morning, while everyone is fresh and excited about the trip. Or, drive at night, while the kids sleep in the back seat. It's a great time for you and yours to catch up on things. If you've worked all day and travel at night, have the person who didn't work drive first. Sleep. Then, take over for the second half of the trip, so your spouse or friend or sister can sleep. This can save costs on hotel rooms, as well. 

Tip number 3: Pack snacks and drinks. It's far cheaper to buy a 24 pack of bottled water for $3.50 at Wal-mart than it is to stop at the rest area vending machine - usually at $1.25 per bottle. Having fresh fruit and granola bars or potato chips is cheaper than pulling up to a drive through for multiple containers of french fries. It's healthier, too. 

Tip number 4: For long trips with children, stop every two hours or so and let them walk to the bathroom, eat a snack at a picnic table, or play at the McDonald's playground. This will get their energy out and prepare them to sit still for another hundred miles.

Tip number 5: Invest in a laptop, portable DVD player, or have one installed in your car. My children and I survived a move from Upstate NY to Mobile, AL because I purchased an $80 portable DVD player before I left. I didn't hear one, "Stop touching me!" "Quit sleeping on me!" "Moooooommmmm!" They quietly enjoyed watching movies the entire trip. It was the most peaceful drive I've ever made with them.

Tip number 6: Flying? These may be obvious (I usually fly alone, if I fly at all), but:
a) Check in online before leaving home. Print your tickets out and avoid the lines. 
b) Pack light. Take a carry on, rather than having to check a bag. (Nothing frustrates me more than having to wait half an hour for my luggage when I've been standing on the plane for half an hour after landing.) Do your laundry every other day at your family or friend's house. Use your mixed outfits savvy to make a few pieces last a week. 
c) Leave early for the airport. It's better to get through security and have a half hour wait than to get stuck in traffic and miss the flight.

I hope some of these helped! Have a safe trip, wherever you may travel this holiday season! 
Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. I'm her dad. Of course she has great ideas! Buying a DVD player? Wish I'd have thought of that.


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