Monday, November 29, 2010

~ Monday Musings ~

I took a much-needed Mommy break this past weekend and enjoyed a little over 24 hours away from my house (and the mess), my children (and the noise), and my hubby (who I missed). I desperately needed the break from the routine and my four walls. It refreshed me and gave me the right amount of time I needed to breathe, sleep, and enjoy the company of a best friend. 

Now that I'm refreshed, I get to have that conversation with my daughter, who at the ripe age of seven has been introduced (not by me or her dad) to topics I would have preferred she not hear about until she was at least five years older, if not when she graduates from college. It seems she's picking up concepts that are inappropriate for girls her age. Until I chat with her, I'm assuming they're coming from the playground. She doesn't get them from home; we monitor everything. I doubt she's getting them at church; the children's ministers monitor everything. She's only spent the night at three different friends' houses, all of whom have parents I trust with her life; I know she didn't hear it there. We shall see, and we shall set things right in her little thought life. Mommy isn't playing with this one.

My youngest got to spend the day home from school, as his eyes are all red and puffy. He's been scratching them since Saturday, which is when I left on my little excursion. When I told Daddy the doctor's diagnosis of an allergic reaction,  he said, "Oh no! He's been exposed to me!" I snickered and replied, "Maybe it was the lack of Mommy's presence he reacted to..."

And this is as far as my musings go for today. My children are as important to me as God's are to Him. When you think about God's love for you this week, consider your love for your own children (or your nieces and nephews, your neighbor's cute baby, or your best friend's child) and then multiply that times infinity. Now you have an idea of how much God loves you! Be blessed this week!


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