Thursday, September 9, 2010

~ Thursday Ten ~

Hannah doesn't like loud sounds, like cars at the drag strip.
Ten Annoying Sounds      (In no specific order...)

1. The sound of Legos being searched through while Mom is trying to enjoy her favorite television show.

2. Crying like a finger has been cut off when all I've said is, "No, you may not play the Wii right now."

3. Fingernails on a chalkboard.

4. Balloon rub (You know...when someone drags their fingers over a balloon and it makes that noise).

5.  Dial-up internet tones.

6. The emergency signal on a television station. 

7. Anger. It's an ugly sound.

8. The high pitched squeal brakes make when the pads are worn off. It always means a bill is coming.

9. Whining in place of a question. "I don't knoooow." (It's homework time as I write this.)

10. Loud music when I long for peace and quiet (now I know why my parents bought me headphones!).


  1. I particularly like #2. We've had quite a bit of that at our house this morning!


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