Monday, September 13, 2010

~ Monday Musings ~

This weekend was challenging. Vic was out of town, visiting family in New York. That means that kids were acting out of their distress or knowledge that Daddy wasn't here. By Friday night (Vic left Thursday night), three were grounded. No video games. No TV. No toys. Only pens and paper and their imaginations to entertain them. By the end of the weekend, I found I like them better that way. No arguing over who gets to pick next, who gets to play next, or who gets to be first. The rest of the weekend was spent giggling and being creative and playing Red Light, Green Light. They got along. There was no fighting, hitting or name calling. Maybe they should stay grounded...?

Through God's grace I have discovered this about myself: I have come a long, long way from where and who I was as a young Christian to the place of maturity that God has me in today. I do believe that I know how to handle myself with grace and poise. I also am fully aware that one can never learn enough about God. He is always new and exciting and fresh, if we just look around the next corner or bend as we walk with Him.

It amazes me how much writing one can do when passionate about a subject. I must have written at least three articles or chapters of a book or a whole devotional this weekend. At least, I spoke it into the air. Maybe I should have written it down? (I did get some of it out on paper...just not as much as I'd have liked.) I'm so glad that several ministers and other writers have said that we are not crazy because we talk to ourselves out loud. In reality, it's a way of processing those thoughts running around in my head, as well as it being a conversation with God.

I have to leave in ten minutes to pick my children up from school, so I close with this thought: I'm so thankful, incredibly, very thankful, for my husband and our marriage. The key to making it last? Put God first before each other, put each other first before others after that, and work through all trials and tribulations. God didn't say it wouldn't take work. He did say that what He has joined together, no man (or woman) should put asunder. Why make your marriage another statistic? Why not allow it to bring God the glory?

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  1. It is definitely work, but it's so worth it! Glad your children had the chance to be creative! =)


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