Thursday, May 6, 2010

~ Whirlwind Week ~

The plates are spinning, and so is my head! It's one of those months where I have a lot going on, and it's all I can do to keep my feet on the ground, my head on straight, and not feel like I'm caught up in a whirlwind that will have me dizzy and flat on my face by the time it's done.

The good news is, it's all exciting, fun, and God-centered. And with God in the midst of all that is going on, I am sure to stand through it all.

First, there's a 15 hour road trip, one way. It could be 13, but my wise hubby thinks we should avoid back roads, stick to the main highway, and travel swiftly in the night hours. I tend to agree, because our four children can sleep and won't need to stop for fast food and potty breaks every four hours.

Then, there's going through Grandpa and Grandma's farm house, pulling treasures from the past for safe keeping for following generations to enjoy. My Grandpa passed away last November, and Grandma just bought the smaller home that she needs. Sometimes, we just can't keep up with the bigger things in life, and we need to slow down and enjoy it on a smaller level. This holds true in more categories of life than homes...
I'm honestly thankful that I have the opportunity to claim some of these long-admired treasures. I missed that opportunity when my father's parents sold their estate, and it's something that even a ten year old can understand the ache of...watching the items that your fond memories are built around sold out from under your grasp.

Following that, it's on to "home" to clear out our own house. Just as there are times when downsizing is a necessity, there are times when getting out from under things are a necessity, freeing one up for future successes. Fortunately, we have a potential buyer. We are excited about this change, as it will open up a whole new season in our life and our walk with God. We are thankful that we hear His voice and know when it is time to move on from one season or town to the next. Unlike the children of Israel, we won't be spending a lifetime wandering in the wilderness. It's time to move on...there goes the cloud of glory.

Even more exciting than the potential sale of our house is the opportunity to visit with beloved friends and family. When God is in the center of one's relationships, ties are bound tighter and are not loosed easily. Even miles cannot keep the heart from yearning for those one loves. Fathers. Mothers. Brothers. Sisters. Church family. Best friends. Those who know your deepest secrets and could write your autobiography themselves. Childhood friends who are missed so much you wish you could live with Grandma...instead of Mom and Dad. (My son knows that one well.) It will be difficult to leave again at the end of this journey, but one cannot forgo the opportunity to visit.

Then, it's another 13 hour drive to return to our latest "home." Upon returning, I have an entire 24 hours (not enough time in a day, some days) to unpack, wash laundry, grocery shop, pack myself, polish manuscripts/articles/devotionals, and rest in time to hit the road again Sunday morning.

This time, I journey alone...although God is driving on this trip. So, I guess I'm not alone. This is a new adventure. This is a life-changing course I am on. I will be attending my first writer's conference and visiting a beautiful place that (I am told) will impact me in ways that I can only imagine. I only hope that in the midst of workshops, classes, and dinner with faculty that I have time to hike that mountain and take in the breath-taking scenery that God has provided just for my soul. God truly is amazing, and this writer knows that He is real. No one could convince me otherwise, not after I've seen and experienced His hand in my life for the past ten years. Not after I've witnessed His sunsets painted in the evening skies. Not after I've experienced His faithfulness in providing for me and my family as the world around us falls apart. Not after I've witnessed His ability to change my life, to take me from a deep, dark place and bring me out into His glorious light. Not after I've heard His voice call me in a new direction in life, saying, "Trust Me. I will do it." And so, I hand Him the wheel. And I make a new journey into the world of writing for His glory.

Sometimes we feel like we're being pulled in 100 different directions, but if we take the time to stop, stand still, and know that He is God, we realize that we're really headed in only One direction...His calling on our lives. Closer to Him. Into His will. On His path.

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  1. Praying for you to have grace during this busy time! Also for traveling mercies! God bless!


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