Tuesday, May 4, 2010

~Tuesday Tips~

A new weekly post, Tuesday Tips will contain (hopefully) valuable information, concerning all things household and family management. You may find an interesting tidbit, a piece of information that you never knew before, or a helpful hint. Whatever you discover here, I hope that it assists you in your daily task of managing your home!

Tuesday Tips Part One:

Did you know that the color of your bread tie can tell you how fresh the bread on the grocery store shelf is?
Apparently, it is different amongst bakeries, but here is a sample list:

Monday = Blue
Tuesday = Green
Thursday = Red
Friday = White
Saturday = Yellow

Save your bread bag ties! (I like recycling!) Here are some other uses for them:
1. Use on open bags of chips to keep them fresh.
2. Did you use half of the frozen vegetables in bag? Reseal the bag with a twist tie.
3. One lady uses them to pull her hair up in a quick pony tail before doing the dishes.
4. Use them to wind up extension chords, ear phone chords, etc.
5. Recycle them into craft projects...I have been saving mine to use in card-making.

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