Friday, March 5, 2010

~ Friday Funnies ~

Maybe this is not cool to put on the internet, but it is particularly funny, if I may say so myself. It is not meant to embarrass the parties involved, but I'm sure everyone will be able to relate to these stories. Enjoy. And give your liver a quiver (They say laughter is the only thing that gives your liver exercise.). Laugh it up!

My sister turns XX this week, so this is in honor of her birthday...

Every child's parent can tell a poop story. These are two of my favorites...

The first is my sister's childhood story that she wishes Mom never told. Her thing to do at the ripe age of three was to close the bedroom door, use the "bathroom," and wait for someone to come along and open the door. Smush.  I'm glad I wasn't her mom...

The second is my son's. He was almost two. It was just after his birthday, and he had a brand new figure eight wooden train track. He loved playing with Thomas the Tank Engine.
This particular afternoon, I had put him in his bed for his nap. He laid right down, and I quietly shut the door behind me. It was a wonderful afternoon, and I settled in on the couch for some down time and a little TLC. Since it was so quiet, I assumed that my child had fallen asleep. It remained that way for another ten minutes, until I noticed an odd odor coming from somewhere. Curious, I got up from the couch and went sniffing through the house. I got no more than four steps when the odor became rather strong.
I slowly pushed the bedroom door open, uncertain of what treasure I was going to find behind it. In the middle of the floor sat my son, playing with the "mud" he'd made for Thomas' track. It was all over the track, the carpet, my son, and his brand new trains.
I guess it takes a highly creative mind to remember the episode of Thomas where they were covered in mud and then create one's own mud to play in. And it takes a very patient mommy to clean up the mess without needing a clothespin for her nose...

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  1. Oh dear...those are not stories I'd ever want to experience! Thank God for the opportunity to say that has never happened to me!


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