Thursday, March 11, 2010

Busy as a Bee

I have this really great snapshot of a bumble bee on a flower. I took it last year when my sister and I visited Bellingrath Gardens in Mobile, Alabama. The blogger photo uploader keeps flipping it on its side...oh well. 

I haven't heard the bees buzzing quite yet. I expect they'll be out when the flowers bloom again. However, I can't help thinking of their busy-ness as I have faced life this past week. Hence, my lack of posting. 

My husband decided to go coyote hunting with a friend a couple of Sundays ago. It was later in the evening when I received the phone call that our van had decided it was time to quit. The transmission gradually slipped out of commission as he drove it to said friend's house and left it parked and unmovable in his front lawn. Thus began our search for a new vehicle. We found one that we fell in love with, and we were approved for its purchase. However, try getting to the dealership when one person on the loan has to work ten hours a day, seven days a week...

I feel like I've joined the bears in hibernating, even though it isn't that cold in South Carolina. I have cabin fever, and the rain is still coming down. I am still without a vehicle. Being without a vehicle for over four months makes me wish that I had wings and could fly to the store, the bookstore, the church, the Post Office, and anywhere else I need to go. But, since I'm not an angel, nor a butterfly, I sit in my backyard watching the birds...

Add in a quick decision to pull our kids out of public school and begin homeschooling, and it leaves me with little time to write, as well. I have tried to find the time, to make the time, and to squeeze in the time, but I find myself doing research, not writing. Worksheets here, videos there, print-offs here, encouragement and support there... Homeschooling is fantastic. The kids are loving it (for the most part). I realized I needed to get a lot accomplished in a short period of time if I was to start teaching them immediately. I am almost caught up. They are getting their work done. Maybe I'll find that time to write again soon.

I am always trying to teach my children that things will not always go the way that they prefer. Life is not always about what we want to do. Sometimes it is about what we have to do. Life isn't always about having fun. My dad always used to say, "With pleasure comes responsibility." It was a life lesson that I learned early on. There's a lot of work to be done before the honey is ready to be enjoyed. Some days, I'm busy as a bee. One day, I'll get to enjoy the honey.

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  1. I can completely relate to the last paragraph! Glad to be able to read a little update!


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