Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday Morning Musings

I'm doing it again. I told myself that I wouldn't, and yet here I am...staring at a blank screen, searching the depths of my soul trying to figure out what exactly it is that I am supposed to say. I've spent my week doing research, trying to find a niche that I fit into nicely. I've spent hours pondering what my area of expertise is and how on earth I am supposed to bring those meaningful stories from my heart to the blank screen that I find myself still staring at. The words won't write themselves, I remind my brain. So, as I sit here untangling my brain wire from my heart wire, I can at least give you this, my blogging schedule and thoughts on what exactly my area of expertise is and what you can expect to see in my writing:

Expertise #1: I am a Christian. Jesus is at the heart of everything that I do. Does this make me perfect? Absolutely not. Will I make mistakes, say things that I might regret later, and occasionally wish I could climb under a rock and hide? Absolutely. You can count on it. But, I do know that I know some things about having a solid relationship with the Lord, and I can share those things with you, my readers.

Expertise #2: I am a wife, happily married (first marriage) to my personal Prince Charming (he's not perfect, either, but he can be quite charming) for the past eleven years (and counting). Although I find myself wondering just what it is that shows my husband the respect that he deserves (he says I do just fine), he seems to be rather pleased so long as dinner is warm and ready when he comes home from work. There are many other pointers that I could share, but this post isn't where I want to do that. Those are for future posts.

Expertise #3: I am a step-mother. I can dispel those nasty evil step-mother untruths. And yes, it does often feel like one is alone in this position in life. Even though there are so many of us.

Expertise #4: I am a mother of four...three boys, one Princess. It would seem that Princesses should rule in a house full of boys. It is not always so. Although she has Daddy wrapped around her pinkie, ready to give her the world at the bat of an eyelash, she is not the center of this universe. The boys revolve around Star Wars, Legos, and video games. Their sister merely gets in the way. Oh, and did I mention that I work at home? In the midst of this chaos?

I wish to provide my readers with stories of humor from the Morales home (and some should hear what goes on in my brother's house...), some insight and tips that I have picked up along the way (sometimes it's not taught, it's caught), encouragement for the task at hand (in the form of Scripture references, quotes, and a U-Tube link or two...), and the opportunity to get to know yet another internet family as if they were the neighbors next door. I will be doing occasional book/movie reviews, keeping you up to date on my writing career take-off, and sharing things that concern me in respect to the well-being of families today.

Well...I guess my screen won't be blank for long! I'd better get writing! Feel free to comment below if there is anything in particular that you, as a wife, mother, and any other roll that you play in life would like to read about in my cyber-house next door! I'll be happy to honor your request!

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  1. Anything is fine...keep it coming. =) Writing is so liberating at times. =)


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