Tuesday, February 23, 2010

~ Empty Boxes ~

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One of my missions for Peek-A-Boo Productions is to create beautiful stationery, post cards, and scrapbook embellishments at affordable prices. In today's busy and technologically advanced world, it seems that the old-fashioned, hand-written letter has fallen to the wayside. Think about it. When is the last time that you received a letter from your friends in the snail mail box? 

With online social networking, it is easy to keep up with friends' lives, at least the minor details of them. However, do you often see them post about the deep things of their hearts? The things that trouble them or their personal prayer requests aren't likely to be displayed for all to see. Their breakup with their boyfriend, their argument with their spouse, and their kids' ongoing troubles are not going to be publicly displayed. That's only something that Hollywood does. I certainly don't want my daily struggle to be a target for gossip. But, that doesn't mean that I wouldn't want my closest friends to know what is going on inside of me. 

Hence, my plight to write at least two letters a month this year. Really, how much time does it take to sit down and write out a two page letter to your best friends? Not very. Maybe an hour. And think about the joy that they will feel when they receive it on the other end. It sure beats the monthly bills!

I received a letter from one of my friends in January, right after the holidays. It was honestly the first letter that I'd received in a year, hand-written, intended just for me. In it she shared her latest accomplishments, how her family was doing, and asked the usual questions in return. "How are you?" "What are you up to?" "How's your family?" I treasure that letter. It made my day.

My challenge to you, my reader, is to pick up a pen, grab a piece of paper and an envelope and a stamp, and send someone a gift that they will treasure. It'll only cost you half an hour of your time and forty-seven cents from your pocket. And, let me know if you get one back!

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