Tuesday, September 29, 2009

~ It's Just One Of Those Days ~

Photo Copyright 2009 Alycia W. Morales

Have you ever had one of those days where you feel as though you have been completely and utterly unproductive? I woke up this morning, expecting to get a lot checked off of my to-do list, including writing a great and inspirational blog post, working a bit online, and posting my fall photographs of Upstate NY on Facebook.

1. Blog Post. Almost a check. But not as inspirational and motivational as I'd hoped it would be.

2. Working online. No check. (And I'm not happy about that one, either. No check = no income for today.)

3. Posting fall photographs on Facebook. Check, and I'm really happy with how they came out. I do have more to edit, but the ones that are done are just fantastic! The lady at the local Post Office enjoyed seeing them, too. She even said one looked like it should be turned into a puzzle. At least I can enjoy the confidence boost and encouragement that I received from that compliment today!

There are two things that I know inspire and motivate me on a daily basis, even if I end my day feeling personally unproductive.

The main thing is Jesus. If I sit and read the Word of God, I know that I will find inspiration within. I usually come away from my focused time with God and His Word with a lot of thoughts running through my head that would make great print material, or visions of crafts that I could easily produce in the day.

The second thing that I find inspiration in is God's creation around me. I can think of a lot to say about life, reflect on the things that God has done in my life, and take photographs in a sad attempt to capture a little piece of God's beauty and glory in my surroundings. I love going for a leisurely drive or an early morning or late evening walk to take in all that God paints in the sky or field for me.

For today, my inspiration is the beauty of God's creation. The Word says that He gave us the ability to understand that He is clearly seen in His creation. His attributes are all around us, if we only take the time to stop and enjoy the view.

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