Saturday, July 13, 2013

How I Find Time to Write When I'm Super Busy

My days of raising knee cap kids are over, but that doesn't mean I'm not busy anymore. Or tired. Or need to shuffle my schedule around my kids.

Despite their near-teen ages, my kids still keep me busy and away from my desk - especially during the summer months.

Add in the fact that I have editing work that needs to be done, I need to pack for a move that's going to take a week to make, and I'm super distracted right now.

How do I find the time to write?

I've informed my children that the mornings are for me to get my work done. If they cooperate and allow me the opportunity to do what I need to, they will have my attention for the afternoon. I work in the morning. We go to the pool in the heat of the day. I work in the morning. We catch a matinee. I work in the morning. They can play their games on my computer in the afternoon.

{Maybe you're the mom or dad of smaller children. I would take advantage of nap time. I know some parents who work at home that have an office space where they let the kids play on the floor while they get their work done.}

I schedule my time. I alot a particular amount of time for writing, editing, networking, etc.

I limit my time spent on Facebook, Pinterest, and watching television. I save these for first thing in the morning, short breaks or lunch break, and after I've accomplished my to do list.

I make sure I'm working during the time of day when I am most alert. And if I have an "off" day, I take it off. No sense trying to work when I can't focus my thoughts. Maybe I'll jot down a note or two and go back to it the following morning.

I hold myself accountable by emailing my writing friends and business contacts. I let them know what I'm up to, what I need to accomplish, and then I keep them posted on my progress. In telling them where I'm at in my week or month, I am able to finish more.

I also accomplish this by setting personal goals, such as wanting to have my rough draft finished by a certain date.

I hire a sitter if I need extra time. Or I ask my friends if the kids can hang out with their friends for a day. I always offer to trade services.

What ways do you find time to write amidst a crazy-busy schedule? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. Maybe someone will discover something that works for them.

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