Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Parenting Tips: How to Avoid Phone Call Interruptions

Photo Courtesy of Sanja Gjenero
This afternoon, I met one of my online friends over the phone. Knowing this would be an important call and wanting no interruptions, I decided to take the call out to my Yukon.

For the first couple of minutes, none of my four children ran out of the house to complain, ask a question, or report the misbehavior of a fellow sibling. I smiled and relaxed as I enjoyed the conversation.

The peace and quiet couldn't last forever, so when I noticed my twelve year old heading for the door I relaxed behind, I hit the automatic lock button. This conversation would not be interrupted for momentary insanity. I knew his questions and complaints could wait; blood didn't trickle from any of his limbs or his head.

Little did I know that when one uses the automatic lock button without the keys, one is permanently locked into the vehicle. After enjoying half an hour of adult conversation, I pressed the end call button on my cell phone and smiled. I sighed with relief, knowing I'd gotten thirty minutes of mommy quiet time, and I reached for the unlock button on the door to my vehicle. Needless to say, I wasn't going anywhere at that particular moment in time. I was permanently locked into the Yukon.

Don't snort your coffee out of your nose or pee your pants with laughter just yet. (I would have done either of those if I had coffee or needed to use the restroom...) Fortunately, my daughter was playing outside and heard me wildly knocking on the windshield. She obeyed (for once) when I beckoned her over to me. She smiled big when I told her I was locked in and asked her to retrieve the keys from my purse inside the house. I am pleased to say she didn't take vengeance and leave me locked in the truck all night. She bounded back thirty seconds later to release me from my mommy-thought-she-was-sneaky spot.

Note to self: Always take the keys with you when you want to lock yourself away from the world. Because you're at someone else's mercy to set you free, if you don't.


  1. That's hilarious!! Yep, the things we'll do to get a little peace and quiet... we should compile an anthology of hints for new moms. My kids still laugh at mine ;)

  2. Love it! It's nice to know I'm not the only one out there with great plans!

  3. LOL! So, when do I need to schedule a Yukon call? I'll go hop in my Suburban just to make it more fun!

  4. Your daughter is a sweetie. I can relate to wanting a little quiet, particularly when I get a phone call. This made me laugh this morning. Thanks!

  5. Susan, Yes! That would be fun, for sure!

    Cynthia, I know, right?

    Mary...anytime! And you should try the Suburban. Don't forget to take the keys with you, though!

    Angela, I'm so glad it made you laugh. I love it when I read someone else's post or quote and get a morning chuckle. Makes my day.


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