Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Creative Resolutions to Consider in the New Year

As I said yesterday, many of us are considering our New Year's Resolutions. What do we want to accomplish in 2012? What would we like to see God do in our lives in 2012? What would we like to do with our lives for God in 2012? These are all questions we consider as we watch the crystal ball drop down the pole, counting off the last 60 seconds of the year before.

As I've poured through blog posts and facebook status updates, I've noticed several creative ways to answer these questions. Since I'm a creative type, I've participated in a few of these myself. As I list them below, I'll share my own answers...

1. A word for 2012 - This is when you ask God to give you one word for the new year. I've done this in the past. Sometimes I get the word at the beginning of the year. Sometimes I get the word during our annual women's conference. This year, I received it just before the new year. As I read the Word one morning last week, God spoke to my heart. Reproduction. Multiplication. My spirit jumped with such a pregnant word. These words imply birth. Newness. Life. More than one life. What will God multiply in my life this year? Will He pour me out into others, allowing a spiritual birth to take place? Will He bring others into my life, multiplying the blessed abundance of friends and Christian family I already have? Will He cause Together Ministries to take off, reproducing or multiplying stronger families? These words hold so much, and my spirit is one full of expectancy this year.

2. A photo for 2012 - Mary DeMuth blogged about this one. I found it refreshing, as I'd never heard of finding a photo to represent the next year of your life. Running along with my word for 2012, I found the following photo:

Photo Courtesy of Johnny Berg
As I thought about reproduction and multiplication, I considered what type of photograph could represent that. A pregnant mother's belly shot? A field of new growth neatly lined in cultivated rows? A bunch of baby bunnies? And then, I thought of it. Baby kitties. Who doesn't love a litter of cute baby kitties? Next to rabbits, I figured cats multiply rather quickly and in large amounts. When searching for a photo, the curiosity of the guy on the left caught my eye. Here is a pillow platter of cute kittens with one who can't wait to see what's in store for him. Just like me. I can't wait to see what God multiplies and reproduces in my life this year!

3. A scripture verse for 2012 - I haven't found this one yet, but I remember the one God gave me last year. "Much food is in the fallow ground of the poor, And for lack of justice there is waste." Proverbs 13:23 God put something special and useful in all of us. It's a lack of justice that causes the waste we see in the lives of others. Think of the foster kids you know who don't have that "forever family." Think of the kids who harass others all day at school because they know no other way to act. Think of the adults who come into church broken and shattered, reeking of alcohol or dressed inappropriately. No one else would look their way. Think of the unlovables who gripe and complain all day about everything. These are the poor. And there is an abundance in each of them, if only someone would say hello, offer a kind word, smile their way. After all, Jesus came to heal them, not those who have no need of a physician.

4. Make a vision board for 2012 - Props to fellow mom Laurie Wallin for sharing this idea. Watch her YouTube video to find out more about the meaning of a vision board. I look forward to making one of my own and to making one with my children and Daddy for the family.

Do you have a word or a photo for the new year? How about a verse? Would you like to make a vision board for yourself or your family? What would you put on it? Feel free to leave your answers in the comments below. I'd love to hear what God is showing He has for you in this new year!



  1. Love your post and helpful links, Alycia! Here's to God unveiling his plans a step at a time in 2012!

  2. A great collection of ways to focus on Him and His voice this year! Thanks for bringing it together!

  3. Thanks, ladies. I couldn't help sharing all the great ideas I found. It's so much fun to try them all out!


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