Thursday, January 5, 2012

Book Review: That's My Girl by Rick Johnson

I've made a decision concerning my book reviews in 2012. I'm going to "get real" with my readers and pour my innards into my book reviews. I'm going to go deeper than the surface and share what I really think. I enjoy reading, and I enjoy the books I review. I want to share that passion with you, my readers. So, here's the first review for 2012:

I picked up a copy of Rick Johnson's book, That's My Son, when I was on a reading binge of books concerning raising boys. I have four of them. I needed to understand what makes them tick, what my place in their lives was, and how to shepherd them when their father is busy at work. I'd heard that girls were difficult because of their emotions and feelings and such. But boys bring their own challenges, trust me.

So when the opportunity to review Mr. Johnson's newest release, That's My Girl, arose, I wondered what he had to say about raising a daughter. What I discovered was a fantastic book written from the heart of a father who only wants what's best for his "little" girl and to protect her from all this world has to offer.

Every man should read this book, whether his daughter is due in a week, twelve years old, nineteen years old, or an adult. Every man should read this book if he is married, dating, or considering either. Why? Because the statistics Rick Johnson splatters throughout the pages of his book are shocking, revolting, and will move you to protect the virtue of womanhood (and girlhood).

My stomach turned somersaults as I read the gripping statistics of what happens when a girl doesn't have a solid, trustworthy, go-to guy for a dad. Passion emerged from deep within me as I read accounts from women of what it meant when their father was there for her or what it meant when he abandoned her. Mind you, abandonment doesn't necessarily mean he wasn't physically present. Abandonment can occur when a father isn't emotionally or mentally present, as well.

I reflected on my own relationship with my father, both growing up (when he wasn't there for me emotionally and, occasionally, physically) and now (under God's grace and forgiveness, restored). I thought of the stories I could tell you, my readers, of what his absence caused in my life. I thought of the stories I could tell you about how several of these principles apply to married life and the relationship between a husband and a wife. I thought of the stories I could tell you of God's love for us as girls and women. My heart filled with more passion as I continued to turn the pages of That's My Girl.

Rick Johnson went the extra mile for us ladies when he wrote this book. It's evident he is concerned with the state of our affairs, the lack of noble men in this day and age, and the effects it will have on future generations. If you would like to feel the support of a strong father figure, I recommend reading this book. If you would like to know what a true father "looks" like, I recommend reading this book. If you are a man raising a daughter or even simply married, I recommend reading this book. If you are a woman dreaming of some understanding from her husband or dreaming of the day your husband steps up to being a father to his daughter, I recommend buying this book for him.

This is a fantastic parenting resource, one I will refer back to when ministering to parents and women. It has stirred up a fresh passion for the fatherless, and I will be looking for God opportunities to minister the truths found within it as God leads. Thank you, Rick Johnson, for writing this book. And thank you, Revell, for seeing its value and putting it into my hands and the hands of others.

*Available January 2012 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group

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Please note: I received a copy of That's My Girl from the publisher for review. I am not required to write a positive review. I choose to do so of my own free will. I hope you found it interesting and useful in making your decision to read That's My Girl.


  1. Hi Alycia. Thanks for reviewing this book. I also love to read and have been wanting to pick up a good book about parenting. This one sounds very intriguing, something that I could encourage my husband to read along with me. Thanks again! :)

  2. I'm adding this one to my reading list.. thanks for the recommendation. With three girls at my house, I can use all the wisdom I can find! Happy New Year.

  3. Hi Alycia,
    Thanks for your nice review of my book. I appreciate your insights and willingness to share them. Blessings,

  4. You're very welcome, Mr. Johnson! It's an honor to have you visit my blog. It's rare I see an author respond to my review. Thank you for taking the time to check it out.
    ~ Alycia


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