Thursday, December 8, 2011

Presents, Presents Everywhere!

The countdown has begun! My children are pulling Hershey Kisses from behind perforated doors on their first Advent calendar! Today we opened door #17. (We're counting backwards.)

Which leaves only two more giveaways! 

This week's winner is Allison Martin, also known as The Budget Maven. Congratulations, Allison! If you could email me your address, I'll get that information right over to Baker Publishing so they can send you My Favorite Bible.

This week, I'm giving away not one, but two prizes! Two winners will receive a copy of Marybeth Whalen's second novel, She Makes it Look Easy. 

While reading Marybeth's blog post today, I was reminded of the theme of this book. How often do we wish we had it as good as the woman next door? Yet, if we step back and look deeper, we might realize that she has her own issues she's dealing with, just like we do. Her yard may be perfect, but her marriage might be a mess. Her house may be large enough to hold two of your family, but her wallet might be small, and she might be swimming in a pool of debt, about to lose that home. Her kids may be well-dressed and proper, but their hearts might bear scars from the turmoil that exists behind the closed doors of their home. 

In She Makes it Look Easy, Ariel Baxter moves into her dream house in her dream neighborhood. Ariel becomes disappointed when she realizes that the loneliness and chaos of motherhood and domestic life aren't solved by her new residence. Until she meets her neighbor, Justine Miller. Justine appears to have it all. Order in her home. The ability to bake amazing cupcakes for her kids' birthdays. An incredible husband. But does she? Or is she carrying around secrets under that facade of perfection?

It's a great read, and I'm sure you'll enjoy it as much as I did. To win your copy, simply leave a comment. Two winners will be chosen by Hershey Kiss-covered hands next Thursday!  


  1. I was looking at my blog and realized I hadn't said hello in forever, so hello! =) I hope you're all ready for Christmas...will you be heading to NY during the month?

    That book looks interesting. I read so slow these days. However, there is definitely truth in what you said...we just don't know. I woke with a very odd dream this morning...I was giving a speech and I was talking about how things aren't always as they seem. =) Only God knows.

    God bless you and hopefully I'll pop over again soon. Blog reading get pushed to the back burner when I'm super busy. =)

  2. Looks like a fun book! :) Thanks for the chance!


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