Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Something for You to Check Out

Hi lady readers! (Maybe some guys would love this, too...) I found a new website (well, new to me, at least) this past weekend and wanted to share it with you!

It's called ThriftyFun. It's a website where you can go to find answers to your questions about saving money and having fun doing it. 

It's a place where you can read through guide-after-guide on topics such as Training a Dog to Stop Digging, Removing Ice from Your Windshield, Teaching Your Kids About Frugal Living, and Cooking with Paprika, just to name a few. Right now there are a total of 1,676 guides available. It's like having for women!

I stumbled upon the site when a Facebook friend posted a link to their article Christmas Card Photo Ideas I. They also have a Part II. There are some really neat ideas there. Some repeat in both parts, but several people have shared their versions of them. It's fun to flip through!

My Frugal Life is a weekly article contest where various writers submit a 250 to 750 word essay on a technique they've found useful to save money. Or, you can tell about something that didn't quite work out when you tried saving money. Readers vote with a thumbs up or down on each article. One lucky winner gets $25 at the end of the week.

There are also opportunities on the site to swap coupons, answer questions people have asked, and you can sign up to receive their newsletter (they're adamant against spam). 

So, ladies, head on over and check out ThriftyFun! I'm sure there's something there to help you, amuse you, or inspire you! You can click on Thrifty Fun to link over, or find the link I've added to my Mom Links column!


  1. What a great site! I love couponing, so I'll have to spend some time there. Thanks!

  2. Another great one you should check out is "The Budget Maven." Allison is in our writers group and is doing a great job with her blog on saving money.

  3. Vonda, Have fun! I use coupons when I have the time, and I know how much they can save...especially at Kroger!

    Celeste, I follow "The Budget Maven." Allison is doing a great job, and she's so much fun to read! I've jsut added her to my "Mom Links" on the sidebar. :) Thanks for reminding me again.


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