Monday, March 14, 2011

Girls' Night Out

Every once in awhile, a girl needs a night out! No kids, no husband, just her and the girls...

These are some of my girls...

Kayla, Miss Charlotte, Erin, Patricia, Carla, Thara, and Kim...

God has an amazing way of giving us new sisters and friends no matter where life takes us. I should know. I've moved twice in the past three years. Once clear across the country (North to South). And once halfway back home...

And my definition of home has become wherever God leads and wherever my husband is. That's home to me.

For right now, that's in South Carolina. And I needed a girls' night out this past weekend!

And I got one! Thanks to my neighbor/friend/child watcher, I was able to attend Girls' Night Out with Anita Renfroe and Mandisa Saturday! Whoop! And they produced a night of intimacy, worship, hilarity and laughter. 

Did you know that the term "Liver Quiver" comes from the fact that when you laugh, your liver gets a workout? It's the only workout it gets, too... Don't know where the fact comes from. Because I have a headache, I'm not going to look it up right now, but it's true!

I laughed and laughed and laughed. I praised the Lord and worshiped. I danced. I forgot myself and all of life's circumstances and enjoyed an evening out with my friends and sisters in Christ. (If you're my facebook friend, see my wall for more photos of the night.)

And, it turns out Miss Anita is just as hilarious offstage as she is onstage. After having our photo snapped, she asked to see it. "Ooh. Upload that to my facebook page, okay? I look cute in that picture!" So, in honor of her cuteness (and hopefully mine), I'll be doing that. But, for your viewing pleasure, here it is:

I'd also like to make one qualifying statement, if I may... I think Big Ol' Sweet Iced Tea ROCKS! I may originally be from the North, but I love, love, love the South, and no cooling beverage can compare to good ol' Southern homemade sweet iced tea! (Did I mention I was shocked to see sweet tea on the dairy shelf the last time I made a trip to visit my parents? Yep. Southern-style Sweet Tea had hit a northern store shelf! I was in shock!)

Have you had a Girls' Night Out lately? If so, what did you do with your girlfriends?

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  1. =) I'm glad you had such a lovely time out. So happy for you!


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