Monday, February 21, 2011

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I am rather busy this week. I've got the Kidsignment Sale coming up next week, which I volunteered to help and consign for. So closets and toy boxes are a top priority this week.

Which has inspired me to write this family-friendly closet post.
Wondering what to do with all those winter clothes that don't fit anymore or won't fit your growing sproutlette by next season?

Here are some ideas:

1. Trade with a friend or two or three. Have a Saturday afternoon play date. Let the kids run around outside in the spring weather while the ladies trade clothing. Trade adult clothes to update your spring wardrobes with new and free pieces. Trade kid clothes for next winter or this spring.

2. Donate to the Salvation Army, Good Will or the local thrift store. Have pieces your child never wore? Brand new conditions? Save them for a shoe box to donate to Samaritan's Purse Operation Christmas Child later this year.

3. Find a child in your son's or daughter's class who could use them. I remember getting ready to move to another state. I'd cleaned out the uniforms and was bringing them to the kids' school to donate. A lady and her two children were in front of the school discussing purchasing uniforms as I brought the bags from my car. Turns out, they fit her kids. We were moving out. They were moving in. She inherited the uniforms. 

What to do with all those toys? 

1. My children went through a phase of refusing to clean up their toys before bedtime. I warned them that I'd clean them out if they didn't clean up. They still refused. I went through their toy boxes while they went to school. When they came home, they were down to 25% of their toys. The rest were neatly packaged in 13-gallon totes. I donated them to a local home for women and children. My reasoning? Children who don't have much won't argue about cleaning their rooms at night. They'll do it and keep the toys.

2. Find a consignment sale to sell them in.

3. Have a yard sale. Let the kids sell their toys and take the money to get something new.

What are some ideas you have for getting those closets cleaned out? I look forward to hearing  your replies!

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  1. Alycia,

    Great ideas -- and just in time for spring cleaning -- and tax season! If you take your clothes and toys to a not-for-profit organization like Goodwill, request a receipt, and you can use it as a tax deduction if you itemize. It can really add up!



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