Monday, November 8, 2010

~ Monday Musings ~

Homesick: adj. unhappy at being away from home. 

That's what I've been musing about all weekend. Homesickness. I've suddenly found myself longing for the Catskill Mountains, my family, the blessing it is to have my children in a private Christian Academy like CMCA, how happy my children were in Margaretville (with their friends), the wonderful ministry of CMCC, our church family, and yes, even some of that cold, white stuff we call snow...

Now, mind you, I've been telling God for the past three years that if He were to send us back North, He'd have to work a major miracle in my heart, because I've fallen in love with the South. New York is always super busy, rush, rush, go here, go there, get out of my way! The South has been relaxing for me. I've been amazed at how often people will kindly allow you into their lane of traffic, holding everyone up behind them to let you in. I've also enjoyed friendly conversations with perfect strangers in the Wal-Mart checkout line. That doesn't happen in New York (99.9% of the time, anyway). People there just aren't that friendly. 

So, I find myself asking God why I'm so weepy and have this deep desire to go home. Am I merely homesick, or is He preparing me for things yet to come? Is it just because the holidays are looming before us? Or is He answering the heart cries of my children? 

I'm not certain (yet) of what God has in store for the new year, but in prayer, He's told me it's something great. Whatever it is, I know one thing...

I'll be home for Christmas...You can count on me...Please have snow and mistletoe...And presents on the tree...

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  1. Hey now...It's not all that bad here in NY, is it?!?! and honestly, I'm wondering how far south you have to go to find people letting you into their lane of traffic without blowing their horns? I've traveled right on down to South Carolina and let's just say I was nervous as could be and people were very aggressive! =) Course it was all highway travel. Maybe the nice people are on different roads. =)

    Praying that the Lord leads you every step along the way. =) Sorry you're a bit homesick. Praying for ya!

    and forgive my razzin ya! =) I just had to defend poor old NY...there are still good people ya! =)


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