Thursday, October 7, 2010

~ Thursday Ten ~

Ten Things I Love About My Husband (Victor)
1. He works hard, making certain that our family is well-provided for.
2. He knows how (and when) to have fun
Since I am all about work, it's good having him be all about relaxing and taking time to play.
3. He loves the Word of God. 
He's like a sponge, ready to pour out any time discussion of God's Word arises.
4. He loves the outdoors.
This is also a good thing for me, since I'm a homebody who loves to stay indoors.
5. He's an encourager.
6. He's outgoing. I'm brutally shy at first meeting. Usually.
7. He loves his children. He enjoys spending time as a family. It's important to him.
8. He's a man of integrity. Everywhere he turns, people remember him.
9. He knows who he is. And he knows what (Who) he stands for.
10. He still loves me, 12 years later... ;)

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  1. What a nice tribute. God bless!


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