Monday, October 25, 2010

~ Monday Musings ~

Is structure good for children? Yes. Do video games effect children's behaviors? Yes.
This morning has been such a joy in our home. After sleeping in late (in an attempt to sleep off a pending migraine), I awoke to my children getting along nicely. For about 30 minutes.

The argument started with Lego men. Unfair play was the debate. Six Lego men to two. The odds seem a bit one-sided. And one didn't want to share...

The following is frequently repeated in our home, yet the children don't seem to get it (yet): Treat others the way you want to be treated. It's the Golden Rule. If people would only get hold of what that means and run with it, the world would be a better place. Unless, of course, people really like being yelled at, called names, shot at, unforgiven or whatever else runs rampant in our fallen world.

The argument then moved to the Wii, where Lego Star Wars starred as the game of choice today. First they argued over codes. Next, they argued over shooting each other instead of the enemies. When the Wii was removed from the living room as a result of their consistent bickering, all heck broke loose. One child ran to his room, bawling about how much he hates it here. (That's his normal expression when he gets upset. It's at the fault of where we live, not his own refusal to share or play fairly.) The second child takes attitude and fights everyone else in the house, antagonizing his sister, in particular. Neither relents until they've gotten "it" out of their system. 

Once again, I am reminded it's time to pray. With them. It's become quite evident to me structure in the home is a good thing. Allowing kids to run wild or do what they please for as long as they will never produces the result I desire. It ends in strife and conflict. Not peace. 
 It's also become quite apparent that video games are not always the best entertainment for my boys. Hand/Eye coordination and problem solving skills can be learned as they battle through a screen. However, the violence (even in Lego games) of consistently battling transitions from the television screen to the boys themselves after awhile. I see no issue with limiting the time spent playing video games. Boys need to be kicked out of the house into some healthy competition in the back yard. Cowboys and Indians. Freeze Tag. Football. Something challenging yet harmless in play (with the exception of an occasional bruise or broken bone, of course). Something feeding their imaginations, not "rotting their brains."

After praying, the kids are sitting quietly watching a movie (it's looking like rain today - no outdoors available). Their attitudes have pacified to pleasurable silence. Gus and Jack are entertaining for now. And mom can finally finish this blog post...


  1. I totally agree! It drives me nuts when people say video games are harmless. Um no their not! They are far too violent these days for kids to be playing for endless hours. Especially when they're playing games they have no business playing but their dad buys them so "he" can "play" them.

    The other thing I don't get is when parents act like the child/baby is the parent and lets them do what they want. I was chatting with my sister-in-=law one night and it was just before midnight. She sent me a message saying she had to go, that the cartoon her 3 year old was watching, was over. what in the world is a 3 year old doing up so late?

    Seriously, who's the parent there?!

  2. Its absolutely right, that video games are harmless for children...........
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