Friday, October 29, 2010

~ Family Friday ~

My husband and I decided early in our children's lives that we would honor God during Halloween. We would no longer participate in the annual rituals of Halloween, dressing children up in scary costumes and taking them around town to gather hoards of candy.

I remember the year I decided trick-or-treating was no longer for us. My children and I had walked the back streets of our small hometown. For most of the night, we hadn't encountered anything too spooky or spirit-cringing. Until we were halfway down the final street. This particular house was decorated in honor of evil spirits. Several half-drunk adults were in the front yard handing out candy to small children. No sooner than I'd reached the edge of their property with my children did I feel the spiritual darkness exuding from it. We skipped that house. And we never went trick-or-treating again.

Am I against children dressing up and going door-to-door asking for candy once a year? No. I am against the use of evil and spooky costumes. My children don't need to have nightmares for a week after witnessing someone wearing a scary mask that squirts blood down its face. I am against calling on evil spirits in the name of having fun (or for any other reason). 

I am for a time of fun and bringing honor to God for the harvest He has provided. Hence, our annual attendance at our church's Harvest Party. Dressing up in God-honoring costumes and playing games like bobbing for apples and hay bale bowling can be more fun than trick-or-treating! Watching my husband spend a few minutes in "jail" until someone bails him out with a quarter is fantastic fund-raising for the children's ministry. I support it wholeheartedly.

What are some things your church offers as an alternative to Halloween? Feel free to leave a comment!

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  1. It was nice to read your blog. We do not have an "alternative" for Halloween. For us, we don't feel a need to provide a substitute and as our church doesn't, and we never have, our children don't feel that they are missing anything.

    I love harvest. I love autumn and I love everything about it. We really don't think about Halloween, except how to avoid seeing things that cause uneasiness in our spirits...and like you said, don't want to look at things that cause nightmares for weeks after.

    It's a personal decision, so we don't judge and appreciate that others don't judge us. =) I will however be glad when October is over...and all Halloween stuffs are removed from the store. =)


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