Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Planned Parenthood and Sex Ed

 I came across the following report at Fox News Radio's website. It is reported by Todd Starnes:

Please read the article first, as my own thoughts follow:

Planned Parenthood...Whenever I hear the name for the Pregnancy "Help" Center, I cringe with regret and disgust. I'll reiterate my belief that they don't exist to help women plan for parenthood. They exist to help teens and unmarried women fornicate and then help them "fix" their mistakes by providing abortion services. 

To hear that they are teaching graphic sex education classes to teenagers and that school administrators are allowing this to happen without parental consent deeply concerns me. Sex education has certainly changed since I was in high school. We were never taught about sex in middle school, for one. Once we "became of age," we were only taught about anatomy, puberty, and diseases. We were never educated to "have" sex. We were educated to understand how our teenage bodies worked and what diseases we could obtain if we were to have intercourse. Intercourse itself was never recommended or suggested. Neither was safe sex or how to use a condom properly. And boys were always separated from girls for these talks. Anything beyond that was left up to our parents to explain.

Preventative measures for healthy sexuality in teens and young adults is not for the school or Planned Parenthood to teach or advise on. The appropriate place for this education is at home. It's a sad thing that adults have allowed the state so much say in their rights as parents or in the education of their children. It's time for parents to stand up and say that they don't agree with these "ideals" in today's society. If we don't, who will? 

I know my parents and my grandparents would have been outraged and done something about it. Have we lost the fight that our parents once had in them? Or the courage of our grandfathers? 

I have to say, if I were to find out that my children were mandated by the state to sit through a lecture on sex education by officials from Planned Parenthood or any other agency, and I didn't know about it until after the fact, I'd be suing the school and the agency, at least. They have no right to be feeding their liberal ideas of what's right and acceptable to my offspring. They'd be crossing a boundary that I would not have crossed.

If you'd like to know more about my concern for today's youth and sexual tendencies, please read my testimony:

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