Thursday, March 18, 2010

Writer's Block Part Two

Today I am sitting here staring at a blank screen. The difference between this blank screen and the last isn't a lack of words, but a lack of direction for my words. My head is so incredibly full of thoughts this week that it would take me a month to write them all down and sort them out. This writer's block is almost as petrifying as having nothing to say at all.

I feel like I want to play freeze tag with my thoughts. Okay. I've caught you. Now, stay right there. Don't move. I'll come back to you. And yet, as soon as I turn away to face another one, some word sneaks up from behind and releases the frozen subject. And, it's off again!

Isn't that kind of like life? One idea comes to mind, so we start to focus on how to secure it into our daily ebb and flow of life. It triggers another idea, and we start to compare the two, until suddenly another way of doing that same thing comes to mind. As we turn our attention to that third idea, we lose sight of the first two. We try over and over and over again to get them back, but they are long gone.

Fortunately, we have books. Books are pages filled with words that talented people have managed to freeze into a particular time and a space. They are full of how-tos, whos, and whats. They can entertain, direct, and capture our thoughts. We can refer back to them time and time again, and they will still be standing where we left them on the shelf. I am thankful for books. They help me to focus in, gain new insights and ideas, and they never walk away. I can always find them where I left them.

My favorite book of them all? The Bible. I find comfort in knowing that God never changes, His Word never changes, and I can always find what I need within the pages. His words have stood the test of time, and they are as relevant today as they were when they were Divinely inspired and written. I know that His words were not chaotic, as mine occasionally are. His words will not fade away. They will not be forgotten. Nothing will come sneaking up from behind to chase them away. They are dependable and reliable.

As I move from a blank screen to words on a page, I can only hope that my words will be as meaningful and life changing or encouraging as those God wrote so many years ago. I pray that they will be words directed to the page by Him, that they will touch the hearts of many, and that they will encourage and bring hope and inspiration to those who read them. I look forward to many blank screens being filled with words put into order from the soup bowl in my mind.

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  1. So true...I want my words to be meaningful and have an impact for good, too! I think sometimes meditation is an important part of the process, but we must weed out all those conflicting thoughts in order to focus on what truly matters.


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