Saturday, March 27, 2010

~ Weekend Wonders ~

Whew! These past two weeks have flown by, and I'm staring April in the face. Life seems to be moving by as quickly as the time. It feels as though God gave 24 hours a set of wings, lately.

I'm not complaining. I am honestly astounded at how much I've managed to accomplish over the course of the past two weeks. God has blessed my desire to organize my time and every other area of life. My to-do list has grown a bit, but by prioritizing it, I am checking each item off as I go.

Priority #1: Spend time with God every day. Seek His face. Do His will. God's Word has been thick with meaning as of late. Sometimes I go through the desert while reading my Bible. I read, read, and continue to read, but I hear very little. Nothing seems to be moving inside of my spirit. So I keep reading, thirsting for His word. One day I think I've got hold of something. To my dismay, it's a mirage, and I press on. Lord, when are you going to speak to me? I am desperate for Your word. I am dry and thirsty, Lord! One day, the sound of water is heard in the near distance. It is flowing like a river, steady, fresh from a recent rain. The Word opens up, and it pours forth refreshing verses of life-giving water. I find the wait and the perseverance to pay off...

Priority #2: Mr. Morales. My husband is the top priority on my list of people to honor and care for. I feed him properly. I exercise with him. I rise with him and fall exhausted at the end of a day with him. I meet his manly needs. I share my dreams with him. I walk through life with him. I love him. Did I mention that he's mine? Yep. All mine.

Priority #3: Many Morales Kiddos. Namely, Ezra, Caleb, Hannah, and Gideon. We've been homeschooling for a few weeks. I have seen a tremendous turn-around in their work, their efforts around the house, and their attitudes. Pulling them from public school was exactly what the Doctor ordered, and with His strength, we can do all things! I have not felt an ounce of stress. The kids are laughing and enjoying themselves. The atmosphere is relaxed, and for the first time in years, I am enjoying every minute of our day!

Priority #4: Ministry: God is incredible! That's all that I have to say...well, maybe not all. I recently discovered that my husband and I have finished a seven year season in our life together. I was able to look back at those seven years and recognize where we were and what we've been through to get where God has us today. I am honestly amazed at all that He has done in each of us individually, in us as a couple, and in our home and our ministries via church. It was an amazing season of training, growing, and preparing for things to come. Those seven years held challenges, blessings, a LOT of work, and even some brokenness. BUT GOD...did amazing things with us. BUT GOD provided all that we needed to equip us and train us for the things that He has called us to do. BUT GOD is AMAZING!!! We are blessed to be serving in ministry with our newest church family, Fountain of Life Fellowship. We are preparing to head up intercessory prayer on Tuesday nights. We have been given a platform to hold marriage ministry classes on Tuesday nights, following prayer. We are currently active in Victorious Overcomers at FOLF on Thursday nights. Vic will be leading the table in two weeks. We are honored to be used by God, and our jaws are on the floor in AWE of Him.

Priority #5: Writing. My fingertips have walked at least 3,000 words almost every day this week! I have submitted an article for critique. I am anxiously awaiting my four day vacation at the writer's conference this May. I am writing, writing, writing...and God is providing material every time I turn my head and look in another direction. I hear things I've never heard before. I see things I've never noticed before. The sun warms my face in new ways. I get giddy when I type that last period on a final page. I'm a lot like my eight year old son who discovers new ideas on nearly an hourly basis. Life is full of exciting things!

And some priorities are no longer getting the kids up at 5:00 each morning. (I hated having to do that to them.) They sleep until 7:30 or 8:00 now. Like my craft business. (I think it's time to sell some things and buy myself a new laptop to play with.) Oh! And, don't worry, mom, that doesn't mean everything...just some things...Creating words on pages has become more appealing to me than creating items that may break a week from now.

Life is great. I feel refreshed, renewed, and re-focused. My gut is full of anticipation of what's in store. I know it will be above all that I could ever ask or think. My God is bigger than that...


  1. Alycia, I am so blessed and amazed by this post (I am in tears right now). I have been dealing with some nagging little internal "issues" in my life lately. I have felt I needed to get more organized and to get my priorities straight. Your message was EXACTLY what I needed to "hear" right now! God led you to write it and He moved me to read it. Thank you, and thank God!

  2. That's wonderful, Lavon! Thanks so much for sharing that with me! God is so good to us!


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