Thursday, February 11, 2010

~ Tickled Thoughts ~

It's Thursday, and I'm in the mood for some humor as I head for the weekend...
My husband and I decided that it was time to start making family dinner a priority again. As we got caught up in the daily to-dos of life, sitting together at the dinner table sadly went to the wayside. We've been doing quite well this week, and the children are thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to discuss their day's events with us. 
Hannah was very chatty last night, and she gave us a fifteen minute, detailed run-down of her day at school. Her class is learning about the presidents that we will celebrate this Monday. She was a bit confused on her who's who, but we were tickled when she seriously stated that "George Washington D.C. was a good man."  


  1. LOL "George Washington D.C." :-)

    I remember when my oldest was in grade school and they were going to be out for Martin Luther King Day. He said "Mom, we won't have school because it's Martha Lutin King's birthday." I still tease him about that every year and he's 33 years old!

    Have a great day and enjoy dinner at the table :-)

  2. We try for nice family dinners, too. But after those clocks change the kids fall asleep too early and they are miserable at supper. I love her commment! So cute!

  3. Very cute! =) She looks very happy!


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