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Fabulous Featured Friend on Friday

Okay, I know it's Saturday, and my title says that I feature my friends on Friday, but I truly wasn't feeling very well yesterday. I did NOT want to skip the feature this week, though, so I am posting it on Saturday instead. Certainly you will forgive me for this! :)

This week, Peek-A-Boo Productions is featuring a very good friend, AMKreations. Miss Anita just finished creating what I call the "Fabulous Tote Bag" for me! If I were Sharpay, I'd add her bag to my song of required things for my summer to be fabulous! Let me just take a moment to brag on her excellent craftsmanship.

This bag fits perfectly over the shoulder. It is thickly padded, to prevent wear and tear to the material and to allow it to contain heavier items, such as a Bible or a bunch of your favorite books, journals, etc. There is a special section of pockets inside the bag that are perfect for holding your pens, highlighters, cards, feminine supplies, or any other thing that you would desire to carry in your purse. It is a sturdy tote, and made with very high quality and excellent skill. If you are looking for something to carry to the beach, the mall, or just around, I highly recommend that you check out her shop. Don't see a color scheme that you like? This fine woman is very willing to work with you to design whatever your heart desires! :)
On to the interview:
Please tell us about yourself…
My name is Anita and I've been sewing and crafting for many years. I believe the creative gene runs in my family. =) I've been married to my wonderful husband for ten years this May and we have two beautiful children, Rebekah, 8, and Stephen, 5. We live at a residential Bible College here in NYS. We are in full time ministry here at the Bible School. After marriage and motherhood, my creativeness was put on hold for a bit. However, as my children grew I decided that I'd like to begin doing something again. My bent went toward bags, beginning with simple placemat totes and progressing on to my current creations. I don't like to use patterns, so most all of my bags are just simply rotary cut to a size that works for me. I've also made smaller bags and various styles as I feel the urge to be creative. My newest bags are quilted...however that takes a lot more time, which is limited in my life, so I don't get to make many like that. =)

What is your first crafting memory?
I believe that I was crafting for our church bazaar with my mother when I was about 10 or 11. We made cloth covered boxes, heart shaped and such...also cloth covered toilet paper holders. I've always loved crafting. Mom taught me to sew right around that same time and I'm so thankful that she had the patience to work with me and teach me all I know today.

How did your shop get its name?
My shop is called A.M.Kreations...they're the initials of my married name...first, middle and last...I'm not super creative that way. =)

What is your favorite medium to use in your crafting, and why?
I love fabrics. I prefer to only use cotton fabrics, as they're easy to work with.

If you could learn a new craft, what would it be? Why?
I would love to learn how to knit. I crochet, but I've always wanted to knit my own dish cloths. I was shown how once, and actually finished a dishcloth...however, it was very challenging and I didn't keep up with it. I would love to get into it again in the future.

Tell us about your office. Then, tell us about your dream office.
What office? As I stated, I live in a residential Bible School, so I've claimed an old dorm room to sew in. =) It's not mine and when they need it, I get the boot, but it works...I can close the door, leave the mess behind, and come again another day. Any place that I can have space to work in would be a perfect office. I would hate to have to put things away and get them out all the time. I can set up my machines, iron board, cut on the floor and throw fabric all over the bed in that room...its great! I'm fairly messy in that room...however, I would be highly annoyed having a mess like that in my home. =)

What or who is your biggest inspiration? Do you have an inspiring story you’d like to share?
I'm inspired by Deborah in the Bible. I want to be a woman used of God to accomplish great things. I believe she must've been a great wife and mother, faithful in the little things and then God moved her on into something far greater! That is my prayer for my own life. I want to be a Proverbs 31 woman and a woman used of God, like Deborah!

Who is your biggest fan? How have they encouraged you?
I think that a lot of people like my bags and have encouraged me along the way, however, my wonderful husband, David, has been my biggest, best fan. He always listens, takes the time to look at my finished products and compliments me, he even lets me "spend" money to get materials, etc. On top of all that, he deals with me every other day of the week and always loves me, whether I'm lovely or not. =) He's so special and I thank God for him.

What is your favorite item to create? Tell us about it.
Well, you can see I've been talking about my bags, I would definitely say that they are my favorite thing to create. I see so many bags for sale at such high prices...that's what got me started. About two years ago, I decided...You can't afford that, but you can make them yourself! So that's what I started to do. I look for affordable fabrics, use every coupon I get in the mail and buy items on sale. I try to keep my bags affordable, so that anyone can carry a great bag, without feeling guilty for buying themself one. =) I may not even make much profit, but my joy comes in making others happy. If you buy a bag and find pleasure carrying it, then I'm fulfilled! (As long as I'm not losing money, David is okay. =)

Last year, I began to consign my bags in a shop in Owego, NY, called Briar Patch Candles and Gifts. Before that time I only sold local and to friends. God has richly blessed the shop endeavor. The shop owner is the sweetest woman and is very intent on getting local crafters to sell their items, rather than importing things, so it's really a great shop to visit and I love to shop there as much as consign there!

I'm also selling some bags online at my etsy shop, I don't always have many bags to choose from online, as I have to keep up with the local demand. However, I love custom orders and am always happy to make a special bag for anyone who asks.

What are your business goals for 2009?
I just want to use up the fabric and supplies I have currently. If I can make and sell bags with all that, I'll be happy. Beyond this year, I don't know. I like to live day by day and follow where the Spirit leads. I don't know that this will be something full time for me, or just a passing thing, but I'm enjoying it now and will take life as God brings it my way.

Thank you so much for taking the time to share with us, Anita! You can find Anita and her fabulous bags and totes at these places:
Briar Patch Candle & Gift Shoppe Inc
186 Front St., Owego, NY 13827
(607) 223-4033‎

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