Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Another Adventure

I have been busy creating, creating, and creating! I will have new items listed soon! I am currently in the photography stage of listing, so please check in soon to see what is new at Peek-A-Boo!

In the meantime...
I love taking pictures of life as it happens. Sometimes, I get a great shot of one of my kids, like this one:

Silhouette of a Boy

Other times, it's a picture of something that I love, like this one:

Lovely in Lilac

And sometimes, it's just everyday life and all of its challenges that catch my attention:

The Carwash

So, in order to capture all of those moments that life holds precious, I have opened another shop on Etsy, which has recently been updated with some more listings...

Find my photography at:

I reserve all rights to my photographs! I hope that you enjoy them and find them as meaningful as I do!

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