Thursday, January 15, 2009

Just Some Thoughts...

This isn't going to be too profound today...

Thought #1: I haven't posted here in too long, and I probably should, so people don't think I've given up!

Thought #2: Pastor Hobbs made a great point at the end of 2008 by asking a simple question:
"How many people have you lead to the Lord in 2008?" (After all, if we're about God's business, that's His will, isn't it? That people come to know His Son as their Lord and Savior?)

Thought #3: Guest minister Bob Record then went on to make a very similar point concerning the same issue, with a workplace slant..."If you had a closed-door year-end review with the Lord, what would He say about your performance this year?" (Ouch! This hurts!)

Thought #4: I need to look a bit more closely for "opportunities" and act upon them, rather than looking back at my year with God and seeing to many "missed opportunities" on my calendar!!!

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