Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Epic Grace ~ Destiny Matters

If you'd told me ten years ago that I would be rewriting a novel, encouraging other writers in their gifts, rubbing shoulders with some of the best authors in Christian literature, and teaching at writers conferences across the country, I'd have looked at you dumbfounded.

As a young child, I had a dream of being a writer or a magazine editor. I loved immersing myself in story worlds as an escape from real life and all its teenaged drama. I loved running my hand over the glossy faces of the cute guys who lit up my movie screens, dreaming of having the opportunity to interview them. And in 1992, I left home in pursuit of a degree in Mass Communications and Journalism with a minor in English that I never completed.

Instead, in 1994 I fell in love with Jesus and walked away from the college life that kept trying to call me back into my sinful ways.

And for four years or so I quit reading books of any sort with the exception of the Bible. For ten years I didn't pick up a single fiction novel. That desire to read and write had died.

Rather than focus on the dream of a career, I switched gears to focus on the dream of getting married and having babies. And I focused on growing deeper in my relationship with my First Love, Jesus. Which lead to a life of service in ministry.

In late 2009, I wrestled inside of myself. I'd been serving my husband and my children for ten years. I'd laid down my life for them, and I really wanted something for myself. I wanted to use my gifts and talents for God's kingdom, and I wanted something to do that I enjoyed.

That's when God spoke a very clear calling: "I want you to write for Me."

Flash forward nearly four years: I am rewriting my first novel and find myself very encouraged as others who've been able to read glimpses of it keep asking for more. I am currently working with six different authors, encouraging them in their craft and talent. I'm friends with some of my favorite authors. And I'll be teaching for the first time at a writers conference this October. (And I've resumed reading. A wide variety of books, including fiction novels, which I love.)

Because God's grace is EPIC. Kurt Bubna recently released his book Epic Grace:  Chronicles of a Recovering Idiot. In the back of the book, Kurt provides a discussion guide. One of the questions he asks is what Epic Grace means to you. Here's my answer: I really don't deserve any of this. God must REALLY love me.

Because only God could send a lowly little writer like me to her first writers conference in 2010 and have her teaching at one in 2013. Because only God could give a servant of His like me the favor of award-winning authors in the industry. Because only God...

This week, as I read John 6, a very familiar verse took on a new meaning. I pray it does for you, too.

"Lazarus, come forth!"

We all know the call of resurrection Jesus gave his good friend, Lazarus. Lazarus had been dead for so long he'd been bound in grave cloths.

What has died in your life? What dreams, desires, hopes, talents, and gifts have you laid to rest because of the negative words of others, the circumstances of life, or your own self-doubt? Is there something you really want to do for God but feel you are unworthy or incapable of doing?

What in your life does Jesus need to call forth, to resurrect?

Consider this verse that follows Jesus' call to Lazarus:
And he who had died came out bound hand and foot with graveclothes, and his face was wrapped with a cloth (John 11:44).

Maybe Jesus has already called you forth, but your hands and feet are bound, immobilizing you. Maybe your face is still wrapped in that cloth, rendering you blind, deaf, and mute. What then?

"Loose him, and let him go." Jesus commanded the graveclothes to free Lazarus of their grip. He can do the same for you.

Because He loves you, and even when you think you don't deserve it, He knows you do.

And this is His Epic Grace for you. Chase that dream. Pursue that career you've always wanted. Get on your face and beg God to loose your barrenness. Don't let death bind you and keep you from God's promises over your life. Come forth and reach for your inheritance of abundant life and the saving grace of our Lord.

To read more about Epic Grace, you can find the book here:
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Join Pastor Bubna (pronounced Boob-nuh) at his blog. You'll find his posts very encouraging and down to earth but heaven sent.


  1. A great consideration for us alpha achievers. To see how God has wired another. Loved your previous post--God's ways are so surprising at times. Love how He makes a way for the gifts He's given. (love the Pooh quote too!)

  2. My experience is a bit similar. So grateful you are in MY life! Keep writing and learning and growing! God moves in and through us in HIS perfect timing.


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